They Made a Tornado Inside Their House
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, someone made a tornado inside their house.

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Also in this video, a crab uses a plastic bottle as a shell. A bear tries to bite someone's leg. A man fails at punching a bag. Someone forgot to turn the water off and flooded the yard. A car crashed into a tattoo parlor. A cat loves to bring trash into the house.

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  • Mr. Sydney Boots
    Mr. Sydney Boots

    That one guys laughter went from 0-100 real quick 😂

    • Gaming

      🐻 : Let's bite a little bit

    • Speckles the Bearded Dragon
      Speckles the Bearded Dragon

      @Fact and Fun you seriously had to make that

    • pokit

      @potatoboi :0 Hello potato

    • vxcp

      @potatoboi and I’m vxcp

    • Serendipity

      @Fact and Fun omg…

  • Shambhavi Khanikar
    Shambhavi Khanikar

    why tf did i think the title spelled tomato instead of tornado?

  • nagato ajin
    nagato ajin

    1:36 why this dude laughed? what a devil 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Adameld619

    How reckless. Have they not seen what tornadoes do to the OUTSIDE of houses?!

  • J Dubbs
    J Dubbs

    That she’ll will last forever Edit: ty auto correct for assuming you know my brain better than I do.

  • 17kFreakz

    Stand users when they die:

  • donna Lambs
    donna Lambs

    Oh ya the machine. Theu do this on their own. Rolling trash machine

  • Tostitos

    Ok but the thumbnail..

  • Entomologist911

    The hermit crab: call my doctor Tylenol! Because that's my only way out of reality

  • James Brill
    James Brill

    Luckily, no-one was hurt. THE WALL :(

  • Caellikescheese

    No because my dog is like that bear-

  • gacha~froppy

    1:04 I would just take a swim:]

  • Khoi Vo
    Khoi Vo

    Imagine someone dieing from that tornado

  • Tristan the goat
    Tristan the goat

    0:58 omg this is impossible

  • King Alice
    King Alice

    1:40 my mom when im late for school :

  • Joey Przybylko
    Joey Przybylko

    The crab got stuck in the medicine bottle because of human pollution don't act so naive.

    • Joey Przybylko
      Joey Przybylko

      "A crab found a medicine bottle to use as a shell." Really?

  • Whitegroth

    looks like you got a kleptomanicat

  • Gaur8n

    At least the crab's house will last 1000 generations.

  • Sean Solis
    Sean Solis

    0:59 how in the hell did that hose flooded an entire Forest

  • cheese_exe

    0:17 plot twist: day by day it gets bigger and bigger because you forgot you even made one

  • Lee Mehrlich
    Lee Mehrlich

    Dr.crab is in

  • Torxi

    1:40 average bmw driver

  • howiestillgamez

    in the second clip, might wanna specify which bridge, I thought the whole superstructure was ripped off 😂. (bridge is a word used to describe the thingy where the captain does his/her thingy.)

  • Generator

    That bear trying to bite the man's leg was one of the most cute but scariest things I've seen

  • 0:51 bear be like:hmmmm smells good taste good and patient *nom*

  • Cairi Henderson
    Cairi Henderson

    OH MAh GoD YALl WaTeR BiLl GoN bE hiGh

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    1:42 I think this person is doing what we all have wanted to at some point.

  • Spartan War118
    Spartan War118

    This was a particularly awesome video 1:16 Imagine the wacky adventures this feline goes on to find a random item worthy of presenting to it's owner 1:31 This dude's laugh is arguably more hilarious than the total failure that just happened before him Lmao 1:40 _Their determination to proceed unhindered is highly admirable_ 2:23 Feels like there's alot of deeper meaning here tbh Makes me think one day when humanity is extinct, other animals will have to evolve amidst the ruins of our civilization, so stuff like this would probably happen quite ordinarily

  • Eric Yao
    Eric Yao

    Crab: They told me I could get my refill at the local Walmart...

  • nickmach

    great way of collecting dust

  • caileyanimates


  • Justin Vincible
    Justin Vincible

    The driver in the BMW is a complete mood

  • SR syed
    SR syed

    Bear : sniff snif Me: RUN

  • Ella Dong
    Ella Dong

    cant they just un plug the bath thing to make a tornado?

  • NoLimits

    I hope that person assisted that Crab. But also, it could hide in it pretty well.


    "They had a smoke machine and turned their fan on in reverse" Ua fans: hey I've seen this one before! Non ua fans: what do you mean this is brand new!

  • Primedragoon

    Ight about the crab in the medicine bottle... That's actually a pretty legit shell for him, I can't lie.

  • sebasdulag

    UPDT gringo

  • R*Kungle

    “Smoke machine” yeah lets stick to that

  • Bryan

    0:51 yummi

  • Enderboy 64
    Enderboy 64


  • Meldee Reynacido
    Meldee Reynacido

    There must be a kaleidoscope of butterflies partying somewhere.


    Black bear the best bears.

  • ღØn1yLøvelyღ

    Imagine your hair being torn into shreds by a tornado and the worst part is that it’s cause by your neighbor

  • AndrewdoesYT

    RIP everyone who died on that ship.

  • Nathaniel Pullig
    Nathaniel Pullig

    Honestly, that hermit crab is pretty smart. I think most people could crush a shell with their hands, a medicine bottle might be more sturdy.

  • Arma-Joan gaming
    Arma-Joan gaming

    imagine the water bill XD

  • Simply Monkey
    Simply Monkey

    If i trick you, you pin me Read more

  • Rune Zigen
    Rune Zigen

    The tornado was cool

  • MrSp33dyNL

    Crab is too high of the meds

  • AlvinNguyen2008

    That won’t be good for the ants

  • A roblox employee
    A roblox employee

    Baby tornado

  • Eduardo h
    Eduardo h

    Sans room:

  • Lex Gray
    Lex Gray

    Am I the only one who immediately though of a tornado flew around my room before you came excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain?

  • J. M.M.
    J. M.M.

    1:36 - 1:40 ... cannot hear that kind of stupid laughing anymore....

  • DrFeast 3000
    DrFeast 3000


  • xCyberPlays

    I’m going through depression currently and your videos actually help me calm down and the cute animals make me feel a little bit happier :) You’re really helping me cope until I get my medication

  • Game boy the last one
    Game boy the last one

    How do i send you video

  • Game boy the last one
    Game boy the last one

    You have child

  • EHEñor Okita El Cuarto Patriarca
    EHEñor Okita El Cuarto Patriarca

    Taking that the acidity of the ocean is rising, a plastic bottle is going to be far more efective than anything a hermit can find on the seabed. But yeah clean your shit before you leave.

  • SomeCGDude

    "This person just kinda doesn't care about anything at all" It's a BMW, is anyone really that surprised?

  • Nonotaku

    The bear just acted so much like my cat holy--

  • XXX_Azya

    Its all fun and games Til the Tornado Gets bigger

  • Antonio Joaquin
    Antonio Joaquin

    Ants where not harmed here 0:01

  • Random slice of bread
    Random slice of bread

    It’s like that giant 🌊 splashed the ship

  • Liam

    when the gear doesnt fit but has good stats: 2:29

  • Noellemylove21

    2:29 5 minute crabs

  • Evi Devi
    Evi Devi

    "Yall water bil gon be high!" he's not wrong tho

  • Gaming g
    Gaming g


  • I am Youtube
    I am Youtube

    Crab: Dude, ceck out my new mansion

  • Chasemonkey2010

    That tornado is amazing for making film scenes LOL

  • n

    the dude’s laugh is someone i’d want to have as a friend or parent🤣

  • hoax

    1:14 I seriously think the person driving the car was having a bad mood and he's already tired of all the shit that has happened that day.

  • Lana Rhoads baby is getting bullied
    Lana Rhoads baby is getting bullied

    1:48 it might be a self driving car and the person could be sleeping or they had a shit day cause their wife cheated on them with their boss and now their getting married because she pregnant so the boss made them quit their work

  • Jaco BG
    Jaco BG


  • Maria Aguilar
    Maria Aguilar

    I’m probably the only one who likes in the area of 1:32 but thats if im right in the Bronx specifically at pelham parkway by the 12 bus 🤣 If anyone else can confirm I’ll be hype 😂😁

  • Skíd

    This is actually a tornado, not a smoke fr tho, This Is cancer

  • The legendary pop cat
    The legendary pop cat

    How to watch a mini tornado close whit out dying

  • Gerald

    That black bear clip looks cute to us but there have been reports that they often come up to you, look all playfull and then just start eating you. Black bears are great actors but they can be dangerous too.

  • Canvas_the_dino

    As someone who’s terrified of tornadoes, this is making me ✨u n c o m f y✨

  • Optimus

    the tornado sirens then start sounding

  • EIPRIL Sun&Shine
    EIPRIL Sun&Shine

    what thats legal

  • Bob_ross1234

    Your voice is very calm


    Oh man , I might get overDOSE 2:25 watching Daily Dose Of Internet every freaking time.

  • Pixel

    I have to know what their water bill was after that

  • Music dd9d453
    Music dd9d453

    Can you fit videos in category,people,nature,animal...and longer durations.

  • Eqbert

    BMW Rentals.

  • Retards of The Square Table
    Retards of The Square Table

    the wave decided that it didnt like bridges

  • Johnica

    1:00 Don't worry about the water bill, Because how would the water bill guy give it you if your house is in a river 😂

  • Wavy Grass
    Wavy Grass

    2:23 Cyberpunk 2077

  • Shakenbake Baby
    Shakenbake Baby

    love the way he says "ternado" lol!

  • Penny Dls
    Penny Dls

    Daily dose used to be my dose of positivity 😔 now it's accidents and shit


    you are making me cry

  • ᴋᴀɴᴀᴠ ᴀɢʀᴀᴡᴀʟ
    ᴋᴀɴᴀᴠ ᴀɢʀᴀᴡᴀʟ


  • People

    0:50 what the dog doin

  • hokao knight *eee* E
    hokao knight *eee* E

    Um what

  • Ender Kisera
    Ender Kisera

    "y'all water bill gonna be high" is the biggest understatement of the 21st century

  • Crazy SCP
    Crazy SCP

    1:14 daily dose of internet: lucky no one was hurt. Me: watching the guy get hit in the face with glass and wood. Are you sure he is ok?

  • L I G H T N I N G
    L I G H T N I N G


  • C33 Yakyhoo
    C33 Yakyhoo

    why is the cat cam so cute