Offended Llama Refuses to Eat Food
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, an offended llama refuses to eat food.

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Also in this video, a person is holding a giant fly. A cat looks strange while scratching. A person base jumps off a cliff. A lizard loses its tail. A dog hides a fuzzy ball in its mouth. Two cars run into each other while backing up. A meteor appears over a man's head. A chipmunk is acting very patient.

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  • Galaxy Guardian
    Galaxy Guardian

    FIbill: gets mad at him for showing dangerous stunts DDOI: I'm gonna do it again

    • Abyss 999
      Abyss 999

      @How to [FIbill tips] nu

    • Ricky Ramirez
      Ricky Ramirez

      @How to [FIbill tips] How u living with no heart??

    • Joseph Reagan
      Joseph Reagan

      NaziTube needs to just shut up. Stop trying to censor everything; we don't need youtube to "protect" us. FIbill, you are not the enlightened ones destined to guide humanity, so get over yourself already.

    • LeftoverCheese

      How bout I do anyway

    • Kói spói
      Kói spói



    That lizard girl can never I mean never live in country like India... Like hell naww

  • Plaindrifter

    She's lucky the Llama didn't spit at her.

  • Paul Li
    Paul Li

    the Bear fishing clip tells us: dont mess with the Russians

  • Fat Man Bob
    Fat Man Bob

    In Russia our bears drive instead of us.

  • Blue Cow
    Blue Cow

    1:40 It has scoliosis like me.

  • Cyris Hiott
    Cyris Hiott


  • Liss Firefly
    Liss Firefly

    That cat looks like it was declawed and that way it can't properly stretch out its back while doing that. Declawing cats is a horrific act that I can't believe people still do.


    So no one gonna talk about the lizard part 😂😂😂😂

  • Jbeasty1990


  • Saly Cheam
    Saly Cheam

    1:04 why they don’t see the Another car Behind

  • Patrick.

    That’s a big one! that a big one damn!! **broken micro sound**

  • yet another qrow branwen fangirl
    yet another qrow branwen fangirl

    2:05 tom from tom and jerry at his finest


    The lizard was watching the lady the whole time lol

  • Catholicus sum Christianus.
    Catholicus sum Christianus.

    Why do you have to put a disclaimer? Those must be the same braindead people that proceed to burn themselves with McDonald's coffee, despite them knowing that it's hot. Or, it must be those same people that proceed to jump off buildings because they think that Redbull actually gives them wings to fly with. The tidepod generation, how sad.

  • Destiny♡

    I'm not even scared of bugs, but if I saw that thing I would run.

  • Сергей Гусев
    Сергей Гусев

    "Some people in Russia took their pet bear on a fishing trip" That's... racist.

  • Arma-Joan gaming
    Arma-Joan gaming

    she had the power to talk to animals

  • M.Y. Ajraf
    M.Y. Ajraf

    2:11 Ah its a common day in Russia.

  • Apothegmatic Reality
    Apothegmatic Reality

    1:35 that dog is seriously obese…..

  • Dante Alejandro
    Dante Alejandro

    you make the ending here sad while it not needing to be

  • Bradley Diaz
    Bradley Diaz

    0:10 the only reason he didn’t spit is because the child said “it’s cute” 😂

  • Allenzo04

    so why was the cat scrunched up?

  • Maxthegladiator5

    llama fr said damn bro ok i heard that im not eating that bi-

  • CobraWasCaptured

    1:49 Fun Fact: the squirrel was a paid actor (edit: I know it’s not a squirrel)

  • not_anymore


  • TechWaves

    0:34 " that's a big one" it's indeed

  • -JordynPlays-

    1:28 if thats what mosquitos look like.. im done

  • TrES-2b

    *Bear* Americans: AHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIVES Russian: ahh yes, i shall name him другой медведь and keep him as another bear pet

  • DunklzYT

    Russians: The Stereotypes aren’t accurate Also Russians: 2:14

  • NeoMorph WTH
    NeoMorph WTH

    Animals don’t know what you say… ooooh look, what is that pig doing flying over my house. 🧐

  • Reese Cross
    Reese Cross

    The cat was trying to achieve its ultimate form

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh

    2:04 Cat do be vibing :D

  • Mike Jhon Padpad
    Mike Jhon Padpad

    It's because Cat need to sharpen their claw... Also like big cats like lion and Tiger do that..

  • Gamer Kids.
    Gamer Kids.

    The reason why the cat is like that is because it fell in love with the wall.

  • Fishy7891

    DiD I SaY soMetHinG

  • Timothy Swan
    Timothy Swan

    "I had some bad news I wanted to share, but unfortunately..."

  • 《KRIS》

    2:11 normal day in russia

  • kathleen furlong
    kathleen furlong

    Lol I hope the FDNY. That this gentleman works for see this. Tough guy with a soft heart! Love it!

  • Vvapor 129
    Vvapor 129

    Thats the definition of only in Russia

  • Maria Animatez
    Maria Animatez

    I’m not surprised people in Russia have pet bears-

  • Nevan

    0:23 rofl

  • Toffifay God
    Toffifay God

    The llama is to elegant to be called stupid so he just walked away.

  • a short engineer
    a short engineer

    1:11 MADE IN HAVEN

  • Christopher Nuzzo
    Christopher Nuzzo

    Wha wha da?

  • Azuke

    Animals have feelings too

  • Cam Collins
    Cam Collins

    Not llama girls

  • KCBkotastrophie -
    KCBkotastrophie -

    That’s the end of the video

  • clats

    even if DDOI didn't say the Russian took her pet bear on a fishing trip anyone would know that there russian

  • The 'Greatest' Baryonyx
    The 'Greatest' Baryonyx

    2:03, I just had to point it out, this is literally just Craggy-Islands Spinning Cat at the fair from 'Father Ted'

  • The 'Greatest' Baryonyx
    The 'Greatest' Baryonyx

    1:25, why dost thee Bug Be So Ugly Yet So Cute?

  • Derpy that person
    Derpy that person

    FIbill gets mad for people doing dangerous stunts, yet they allow scam ads

  • Lil bean Terrance
    Lil bean Terrance

    Wdym "Did I say something?" You just called a damn lama ugly

  • Rocco Leader
    Rocco Leader

    1:05 real projective space be like :

  • Am doggo :D
    Am doggo :D

    “Did I say sumthin??” *Bitch-*

  • Froyo YT
    Froyo YT

    The cat has autism

  • James Docher
    James Docher

    I swear FIbill is getting worst

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    1:00 this is how i met ur mother lol

  • Thunderdragon172

    0:35 this is why you shouldn’t build a restaurant near the ocean

  • Aldo Zarate
    Aldo Zarate

    That llama was emperor kuzco and your gonna pay once izmas potion wears off

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez

    The Russian taking a bear fishing made it so much funnier that it was a Russian girl too 💀

  • xXDerpySodaXx ;-;
    xXDerpySodaXx ;-;

    why did he sound sad when the vid ended :(

  • Rudzky BG
    Rudzky BG

    My boy Llama just wanted to have a small snack

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Base jumping video looks like CGI

  • Rin Miraikaze
    Rin Miraikaze

    Wait you can have pet bears in russia????

  • Richard Winterbourne
    Richard Winterbourne

    Of course it’s russia

  • why do I exist?
    why do I exist?

    Would be Russia of cause why wouldn’t it be

  • Cancer Incarnated
    Cancer Incarnated

    *Large waves hitting resturant side with windows "Yeah lemmie just go right up to these here windows"

  • Sound Runner
    Sound Runner

    1:12 translation : “we are few her, oh!! What was that!”

  • Rhubarb Specialist
    Rhubarb Specialist

    Make a wish idiot

  • Mike Dev
    Mike Dev

    Your cat needs to restart

  • Faisal Yousuf Osman
    Faisal Yousuf Osman

    FIbill should respect natural selection by now.

  • TheAdvertisement

    That poor squirrel had to wait for so long to grab more almonds.

  • Johnathan T
    Johnathan T

    1:10 Two idiots who don’t realize cars have rear-view mirrors.

  • Reaper YT
    Reaper YT

    0:37 R.I.P

  • ManoCountyPSP

    1:26 no no no… kill me

  • yanet solomon
    yanet solomon


  • Some Gem
    Some Gem

    *sees dog on a swing* cute "I have some bad news to share" Wait, no, not the dog!" "That's the end of the video" Had me in the first half not gonna lie.

    • Shatakshi Sneh
      Shatakshi Sneh

      OMG I thought the exact same thing

  • Boli Mayo
    Boli Mayo

    0:35 when Zeff refuses to close the baratie

  • Leandro Paulino
    Leandro Paulino

    I had a dream about that restaurant with the waves

  • Xavier Sloop
    Xavier Sloop

    Wait... Don't you have to attempt to become a professional?????

  • Spino Bolt
    Spino Bolt

    ‘Some people in russia took their pet bear to a fishing trip’ Man that bear is lucky the human didn’t eat it

  • Cambroni7 and cousin to Robbieplayz Zzzz
    Cambroni7 and cousin to Robbieplayz Zzzz

    Wah wa dat

  • Maria Katrina Rutor
    Maria Katrina Rutor

    llama: pathetic

  • Vaux

    1:45 looks like rick

  • brad puff
    brad puff

    i dont understand how you can even make these without violating copyright.

  • Ya _boy _patrick
    Ya _boy _patrick


  • turtuul

    1:30 give me a nightmare fuel why don't you

  • Bruno Martins de França
    Bruno Martins de França


  • Neri Dust
    Neri Dust

    Daily dose of internet: I have some bad news to share ... Unfortunately it the end of this video Everyone: he had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • Ludo Katt
    Ludo Katt

    1:13 translation: its so late so its almost none here + that it is.. oi what was that?

  • A.B.A yt
    A.B.A yt

    Why did the video have to end😭😂. That's some really great content right there 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alex

    That's the exact lizard I have its a dive lined skink

  • ALT Rag3
    ALT Rag3

    1:12 Everything about this video is weird. What language is he speaking? Why is wearing a helmet? What the heck was that thing in the background? And WHY IS HIS LEFT NOSTRIL SQUISHED LIKE WHAT THE FLIP

  • OzzyWormin

    2:11 Of course it’s Russia

  • BrOcCoLi Is DeLiCiOuS
    BrOcCoLi Is DeLiCiOuS

    I can just hear that llama saying “excuse me- GURL am I interrupting something” (llama walk away) “rude-“ Such aTtItUde

  • Mark8675332

    The cat is scrunched up like that is because he is trying to collect the souls of the people in the room

  • The Mime
    The Mime

    1:40 yes please explain

  • Rebecca MacEgan
    Rebecca MacEgan

    1:40 Looks like he needs his scratching board for comfort

  • Zachary Buhler
    Zachary Buhler

    You looking like mr beast out here with how quickly you’re growing!