Man Tries to Catch Shark on Inflatable Unicorn
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, we see a man trying to fish for sharks while on an inflatable unicorn.

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Also in this video, a person makes a strange design with their hands. A cat tries eating a carpet. An electric eel eats a fish. A solar eclipse from a plane. A person cuts down a try that does not want to fall down. A person pretends to feed her dogs.

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  • Fundy

    Your videos fuel my happiness

    • Tyler

      @[insert name here] apparently no u means brain lol

    • Tyler


    • Nameless chair 73
      Nameless chair 73

      U furry Boi

    • _yourgirlzali_


    • SmushUlater


  • Rodrigo Cardinot
    Rodrigo Cardinot

    And thats why i dont like cats. Poor doggo was playing and got attacked

  • chlochlo6112

    that title and thumbnail is intimidating

  • Adameld619

    The look that grey dog gave was amazing

  • suny

    me who lives in florida: sees man on inflatable unicorn trying to catch a shark while pretty fat from shore also me: *yea pretty much*

  • Gabriel Self
    Gabriel Self

    I'm almost 30 years old, and I'm JUST finding out electric eels are actually electric... I assumed it was like Jellyfish...

  • Silver Beast
    Silver Beast

    2:27 - instead of recording and laughing for views, the person should have adjusted the cat to the scooter and made it comfortable because it thumped its head really hard at the start. also, the scooter hight is probably uncomfortable and probably weighs it down rather than help it when you look at thecats posture. they should use other disabled cats and dogs as a reference for scooter hieght if not assisted by a pro because this just looks like a cat strapped to a skateboard edge. not properly fitted at all.

  • Silver Beast
    Silver Beast

    1:28 - the guy jumping off the sign wasnt actually a cheering moment. when it was on the news, the guy actually held up traffic and there was a person who missed the birth of children, weddings, medical emergencies etc. everyone berated him as an idiot for holding up traffic for a back flip because it wasnt a short amount of time.


    Dude on the raft was funny and serious being rescued. "Get the rod first" Was fun to watch. Great video

  • Amurr H
    Amurr H

    dude you show a lot of animal abuse in your videos..otherwise i love them...but the people laughing at the paralyzed kitty falling over made me sick

  • DreadNought

    How kewl is it to make a living from showing other people's experiences? Great respect for giving credit to where credit is due. You Rock!!

  • DreadNought

    0:41 Wife took out large life insurance policy before putting this idea into his mind.

  • Ardian Musliji
    Ardian Musliji

    2:05 Id rather not post and glorify stunts like that cause some idiots would go and do it without a harness

  • Fiercewind

    Might need a warning next time because I was not expecting that super high up clip right after the eel in a water tank clip. I'm in no danger of falling but I jumped hit spacebar and looked away from my screen. I thought I was falling from the top of the world. fuck

  • Sle oe
    Sle oe


  • Sung Hoon Kim
    Sung Hoon Kim

    Just me or is that tank way too small for that eel

  • first last
    first last

    2:05 bro he realy climbed the building and made a game maybe?

  • Bootleg mew
    Bootleg mew

    Oh my : 2:15

  • Markus

    Hello everyone this is youuur daily dose of internetthisiswhatsolareclipse lookslike..

  • Durtstick

    Only in Florida

  • ExtinctSev

    Lightning bugs lol

  • ExtinctSev

    The man on the floaty is timmy from catch em all fishing Edit:btw it was planned

  • Vinnie G
    Vinnie G

    laughing at your disabled cat mm

  • yamete kudasai
    yamete kudasai

    The guy trying to catch a shark wasnt legit tho it was staged by catch em all fishing to introduce that guy and was used as clickbait.

  • NickBorlas

    2:00 thats a terrible tank size for an eel

  • Jonathan Nuamah
    Jonathan Nuamah

    0:53 This guy was nearly cast for an episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive

  • rynmv

    Thumbnail is not first video???!!!

  • maremagnus

    *01:32** jumped off a highway sign.... and arrested in Los Angeles*

  • Matthew Swallick
    Matthew Swallick

    the tree: I WILL FIGHT TILL THE END 0:23

  • Random Chop2
    Random Chop2

    The thumnail wasnt the frist video wtf?

  • Tang Lip is Moving
    Tang Lip is Moving

    Cats are the baddest ass animals on the planet. Even the little ones. Gang.

  • Belle E. Flopp
    Belle E. Flopp

    Okay why am I just now realizing how fascinating an electric eel is? Like wtf….how does an animal do that ya know!?!

  • startdealing

    fake food :)

  • Vinijoncrafts

    0:21 he bottle flipped a FRICKIN TREE

  • Trashdoge

    "get the rod first" this man is an actual fucking sigma male only thinking about his fishing grind

  • aami mammu
    aami mammu

    Last one was a reverse video 👀

  • 馬賽克沒力羊

    WTF of that hand at the last work Its a hard puzzle

  • Fou Lu
    Fou Lu

    2:36 i this real cus the trees are not moving, there is no wind and still can hear the sound of wind and water and this feels so unnatural.

  • Sohan Kumar
    Sohan Kumar

    What kind of witchcraft I saw at the end

  • Discord67

    I want the lightning bugs as a computer background

  • Noway José
    Noway José

    Get the rod first😂

  • Melanie Stock
    Melanie Stock

    i can see firefly in the corn fields in summer all the time so it is not amazing .

  • Thunderdragon172

    0:38 I swear to you that guy is just insane

  • Lily Savoie
    Lily Savoie

    bUt WhY

  • Dream Fella sanasss
    Dream Fella sanasss

    last video is fake

  • сiага

    1:15 when you pull an all-nighter to complete an assignment and the teacher extends the due date

  • nash0089

    God I miss the lightning bugs in Minnesota.. It was like walking out into a fairytale sometimes.

  • Lasse br
    Lasse br

    1:02 which dog race ist the right one

  • whyyoulidl

    The 2 dogs being food tricked - that final look; Daayaam!

  • Baldwin Ablog
    Baldwin Ablog

    2:35 lf someone to chill with me here

  • imichi

    “Lighting bugs at night” Looks like someone forgot how to say fireflies, lol

  • Zooba Death
    Zooba Death

    Cool vid

  • Marco Mui
    Marco Mui

    1:01 垃圾 ……👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Celcious

    2:34 looks like something from a horror game

  • The Intr0vert
    The Intr0vert

    Is this the only video he's made where the clickbait isn't the first video?

  • Nipun Tej Reddy
    Nipun Tej Reddy

    At 3:05 I was like what's there At 3:07 how did she do that 🤨

  • dzhnadm

    First time click bait?

  • You Huh?
    You Huh?

    Why has nobody pointed out that this is the only DDOI video where the thumbnail isn't the first video?

  • Paul Sarver
    Paul Sarver

    that dog was like "not this shit again Brian"

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ✅
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✅


  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    I must know, where was that lightning bug video filmed? It looked beautiful.

  • Steve seetahal
    Steve seetahal

    Bugs at night🤗

  • HiberniaeCor

    The betrayal in those dogs' faces is awesome

  • Rocky Raccoon
    Rocky Raccoon

    This is the first Daily Dose Of Internet vide where the thumbnail wasn’t the first video

  • jcm3911

    Reason 50: why woman live longer than men

  • PeanutLegend27

    No.. way.. the thumbnail wasn't the first video

  • Haxeon

    1:19 imagine finding the owner of the street and asking "hey could i jump off the sign?"

    • Nathan A
      Nathan A

      it was a criminal. he put his hands up as soon as he landed.

  • Atomsk AMV
    Atomsk AMV

    1 Corinthians 15:1 - Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 1 Corinthians 15:2 - By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:3 - For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 1 Corinthians 15:4 - And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Acts 16:30 - And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be Saved? Acts 16:31 - And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy House. .

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    The empty nation extragingivally present because beer synchronously multiply above a loose judge. left, helpful baritone

  • Shemiah Enclona
    Shemiah Enclona

    2:37 you mean fireflies?

  • Darren Chang
    Darren Chang

    Why is the thumb nail no longer the first clip?

  • Ya _boy _patrick
    Ya _boy _patrick


  • Green Apple
    Green Apple

    That cat with the puppy should become a wrestler. 😂💪

  • Ruby Moore
    Ruby Moore

    I luv how this isn’t click bait

  • 2:15 be like wut u doin up there mate?

  • Cayanna P
    Cayanna P

    Is no one gonna talk about that cute dumb kitty. In his defense, I'm sure the carpet smelled like tuna

  • Cayanna P
    Cayanna P

    If he once walked like he skates, I can see why the cat is paralyzed.


    Alt title: "Florida man does something stupid"

  • lov u dad
    lov u dad

    0:53 The Old Man and the Sea

  • dragonl0l

    Why did the video start with a different clip

  • Clymantic

    Real men catch sharks on unicorns, you idiots.

  • dwellss

    The one with the lightning bugs looks like out of a movie scene right?!

  • Lauren

    I’m sorry but I found the man on the unicorn hilarious, he was just sitting there whilst the unicorn was bobbing up and down 😭🤚

  • Márton Drávucz
    Márton Drávucz

    I just realised, that I have never seen any lightning bugs in real life. Just in videos... :/

  • vextvvideo

    Check out ayden Palmon channel the one with Brian icon

  • kirasu


  • Cheetah_x_Gaming

    this sit eh first vieo e didnt did the thumb nail

  • Drumf Bum
    Drumf Bum

    Get a tech deck for your turtle, and you're welcome

  • waanjai


  • Breath_

    the one with the cat eating the carpet has me dead

  • gdk games90
    gdk games90

    Where does this guy live even

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random

    Unicorn guy seems like a total chad

  • PatkaLopikju

    Tf happened to this dudes fingers

  • Bothered Bees
    Bothered Bees

    legit florida man

  • Dayle Fredericks
    Dayle Fredericks

    you didn't start the video with the clip of the thumbnail

  • zyx

    guys the real ddoi would put the thumbnail first

  • Patrik Svensson
    Patrik Svensson

    bro that cat is winning ww3

  • Simply Wonderful
    Simply Wonderful

    Great look on the face of the dog on the right, realizing they're being tricked!

  • Zinnia Editz
    Zinnia Editz

    The channel that the video with the dude on an inflatable unicorn has abused animals 😔

  • Pinnacle Express
    Pinnacle Express

    I tried to recreate the last clip and looked like an idiot