Lightning Strikes a Moving Car
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a car is struck by lightning in Kansas.

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  • Scarlett .A
    Scarlett .A

    Just imagine how their phones charged in an instant

    • Miles Wild boy
      Miles Wild boy


    • Pattrell

      Your chances are much better at surviving in a land vehicle, if something goes wrong, though. People have walked out of cars before they exploded(my niece did), have gotten out of flooding vehicles before it was too late, have had collisions at very high speed only to survive, etc. One motorcyclist was trying to break a speed record and was up over 200(I can't remember the exact speed; it may been near 300 MPH), but whatever the high speed was he survived the out-of-control crash. That's a motorcyclist without any means of protection. And, one time, a watercraft at very high speed goes twirling into the air, meets a powerline, and explodes! The rider got out in time, too. I would think that your chances of surviving a catastrophic plane failure or suaside mission would be much smaller in a plane due to how high up your are. I would think that landing on water is the only shaht most of the time to survive. And, even that isn't nearly without its problems(if you land wrong on water then it's like hitting the ground from high up). Plus, some or all of the those aboard of the plane can die and vehicles hold far less people than airplanes.

    • (Channel going through Development)
      (Channel going through Development)

      The hevean.....

    • Epik Noob
      Epik Noob


    • E M O E L M O
      E M O E L M O


  • Melissa Sealey
    Melissa Sealey

    a man can die it not funny

  • Purple royalty
    Purple royalty

    made my day at the end

  • IceGaze Art
    IceGaze Art

    A few months ago that car was almost me and my mum, we were coming back from a shopping spree, buying stuff for a birthday cake, and when coming back, there was a really bad storm, and a lightning hit right next to our car, we both screamed so loudly, it was terrifying, and so god dam loud

  • Harvey

    0:10 hears roar oh shi

  • CJ Jackson
    CJ Jackson

    At 1:39, if that person wasn't paying attention, such as looking in another direction, texting someone, etc. It could've turned into a deadly accident! You never know what can happen in life, in just one second! I loved the clip showing the cat coming into the room, and the dog took over the show! LOL! I love taking pictures of the sky, the clouds, and the sunset! Thank You for sharing! XO

  • David Rosario
    David Rosario

    3:26 is the best part, he sounds like his videos (wow) LOL follow me

  • Joshua

    They're doing something wrong to get struck by lightning.

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    Are you GAY?

  • Kay Rollo
    Kay Rollo

    Good to know the swing guys friends were laughing at his potential death

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick

    I love watching your videos btw i wont make fun of you for crying at the end cuz your a good, funny, and entertaining person :)

  • Timi Hobbs
    Timi Hobbs

    Thanks for the sweet world.

  • Kjkjkj Pjpjpj
    Kjkjkj Pjpjpj

    1:46 Сразу узнаю Россию Какой чудесный пейзаж

  • Octoban Sound
    Octoban Sound


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    0:42 somebody has been praying to god he is luckyyyyyyyyy

  • The Adventurer
    The Adventurer

    So, in the first video. A car is actually grounded against electricity. The outside is a metal frame, usually an aluminium alloy, and the tires are rubber. The inside is insolated with plastic so the electricity would pass over the car and ground at the tires. Its intentionally designed this way.

  • kzeror

    You need your own show.

  • Peytoncoffee Coffee
    Peytoncoffee Coffee

    Remember To Pray Before Eating And Drinking. Spread The Gospel.

  • Tolm1n

    1:53 He just got RK.O'd by a towed buoy

  • MrKid

    Pewdiepie plane

  • Lauren

    final sunset = FABULOUS

  • Play station 1 Home entertainment system
    Play station 1 Home entertainment system

    What are you meant to do when your car is struck by lightning

  • Morten Andre Wenneck
    Morten Andre Wenneck

    after watching atleast 25 videos a day, then ive had my daily dose of internet

  • Asia T
    Asia T

    Why does the sun set look like Saturn

  • DreamFTA

    that one about the sun is actually mad I always thought ever since I was a kid it was just that big 😳

  • GreenNinja

    1:31 "Looks a lot bigger until you put a filter on it" should be Instagram's slogan.

    • Ray

      G e n i u s

  • Alexander Adavar
    Alexander Adavar

    The near miss with the car person was scary. I once sat in a national park with a friend eating lunch and some kids on the cliff above, who didn't know we were there, happened to push off a boulder for mindless fun. It smashed right down in front of me and my friend and missed us by a foot or so. In the moment it was funny but now I get chills about the closeness to death we experienced

  • Lucas Ohai Filgueiras
    Lucas Ohai Filgueiras

    That car got hit 4 times wtf

  • liamnaruto

    daily dose netural planet futurma. 'Tell my wife I said hello"

  • Lala Feii
    Lala Feii

    "The family inside of this car was completely safe and nobody was hurt" Yes! But they probably would had trauma

  • Zacariah Chavez
    Zacariah Chavez

    2:52 mood

  • SimplyGrac🦦 goal 10 subs
    SimplyGrac🦦 goal 10 subs

    A yes camera man lives

  • ꧁༺news reporter༻꧂
    ꧁༺news reporter༻꧂

    The song is not that small it's because we are away

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson

    Slow it down to 0.25x it was struck by 4 different bolts of lightning!

  • Nixie Shah
    Nixie Shah

    oh my god that sunset is beautiful where on earth do you live, finland!?

  • Eddie Jordan
    Eddie Jordan

    One point twenty one gigawatts!

  • ShockhardWave

    2:02 Your in Tilted Towers and someone is building up and then you place a launch pad to get away.

  • ShAaMiL17∆•

    That lighting has some good accuracy 😂

  • Sahirva

    In regards to the car and everyone being alright: I learnt from someone a long time ago, if a power line ever falls on your car, stay inside and call for help. You should be insulated from the electricity so long as you don't try to open the doors.

  • Pikachu

    not even ddoi knows if elon musk is shooting lightning up in space

  • Tarun

    Thank u for creating this video. It helps me not to overthink, And control my depression..😊🌹🌷🌼🏵💐💮✨🌸

  • Phoenix

    Shoe, the saviour of his life

  • King D
    King D

    I liked when you said “…..wooow…”

  • AcerFanaticWX EAS
    AcerFanaticWX EAS


  • alastin judy
    alastin judy

    1:45 Is the black car is can do that ?


    when the radio cursing too much and the lighting is sent to warn shut em up

  • Barton

    lightning strike on a car creates a Faraday Cage effect, so we are completely safe inside a car during lightning... the car aint safe tho 😆

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson

    When he said that him making you happy makes him happy, I finally heard a little bit of emotion in his voice 🙂

  • Scott S.
    Scott S.

    Yay another FIbill parasite who can not come up with their own stuff but has to show clips of others.

  • Bonedude

    1:13 Lady: "Come here!" The white cat out of nowhere: *"Now this looks like a job for me."*

  • Giovony Garcia
    Giovony Garcia

    Crazy how Mother Nature just shot his car up like that

  • The EDNC
    The EDNC

    That poor bored cat .... needs more fun, attention & love

  • Gamerboi6543YT

    I fell out of my chair at 0:14

  • Squirrel and fox Lady
    Squirrel and fox Lady

    OMG when the man push is Friend then he got hooked up with a swing OMG so funny 😂

  • Nerijus B
    Nerijus B

    Tile differs from video, 🙄

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Lots of love from india

  • gaming with sumaer
    gaming with sumaer

    Your vids are awesome thhanks

  • SmilingChip

    Come on. Do you wanna fight? PM me bro.

  • 🍨// Hufflepuff
    🍨// Hufflepuff

    2:10 "Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plaaanee"

  • Bibble Boo
    Bibble Boo

    I’ll tell you what’s beautiful - you are and I love you.

  • Anway Das
    Anway Das

    van de graffe generator

  • Icewall flatearth
    Icewall flatearth

    We have a local sun.. That disappears due to perspective..

  • ///


  • fun fraction
    fun fraction

    1:13 / 1:15 why black cats are more calm than white catz

  • somehow, i was more concerned for the Porsche than the human, lol

  • Rebekah Ritchie
    Rebekah Ritchie

    😂😂😂 hitting a cop car

  • Flourin T.1G.3R
    Flourin T.1G.3R

    *and no body was harmed*

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson

    0:10 me clenching my teeth and squinting my eyes

  • Sarah Turney
    Sarah Turney

    I need more context on what happened with the golf ball and the cops

  • 440REAPR

    00:45 The plane look like the man is in a mint plane 💀

  • 440REAPR

    00:39 of the vid, I could never, that is a place where my nightmares take place

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • GamerK

    2:47 How Dare You

  • Wilfredo Aleman
    Wilfredo Aleman

    The person in front passenger seat got to be in the news and said he dropped 50 bomb on ipad in Fortnit.. (Fades away)

  • Levi and his Bae
    Levi and his Bae

    Is nobody gonna talk about the cat playing GUITAR on that rubber band and looking so satisfied with itself?! XD best kitty ever

  • Living Corpse
    Living Corpse

    Multiple strikes on it.

  • Aiden Johnson
    Aiden Johnson

    Person: HEY Raccoon: OI, WHAT THE FU-

  • barbara wolfe
    barbara wolfe


  • Amarjeet Kataria
    Amarjeet Kataria

    MV rất hay, i like it 😒😪😲

  • Soft As Fur
    Soft As Fur

    Someone tell me this isn't Andrew Huang... it's got to be!

  • I_repost_cool_videos

    Editing for the thumbnail sucks

  • Weekend at Bernie's
    Weekend at Bernie's

    That “lightning strike” was a laser strike. Lightening does not leave a spiral puffy white trail. It’s a massive flash of light and energy. But Ok.

    • regii_

      Yeah the kid in the back was about to drop a fucking 50 bomb on fortnite on his ipad. On mobile?!??! That alone will get you legendary status, his theory is that elon musk is in place shooting lasers at everything that isn’t a tesla.

  • Robert Crawford
    Robert Crawford

    “So help me, if you kids don’t quiet back there, God will strike you with lightning.”

  • Corine Croxton
    Corine Croxton

    someone messed up their porsche

  • Real Eyez Realize Real Lies
    Real Eyez Realize Real Lies

    i love how this guy sounds high af lol

  • Stop it
    Stop it

    The first clip basically shows how lightning can strike anywhere.

  • Jaylen Hunt
    Jaylen Hunt

    The dude who was in the car did an inter veiew

  • FlyGuyProductions!

    Tt, noice

  • Nosoulnopower

    Looks more like a video of most epic fails rather then just a lightning strike.

  • Hunter Major
    Hunter Major

    1:28 now I know the sun is the size of a noobs brain in real life

    • Finn Caiola
      Finn Caiola

      Millions of times the size of the earth?

  • Mac's Eagle
    Mac's Eagle

    Do you live on a golf resort?

  • donna Lambs
    donna Lambs

    Hahaha. Well theu shouldn’t wear these and make the cars from these. Fake reflections light on here fake olace

  • Rafael Flores
    Rafael Flores

    3:27 "waow"

  • LIG

    safest place to be during a storm is actually your car

  • Chris Flux
    Chris Flux

    Anyone else see the Ghostbusters car when they see the thumbnail

  • dwasd asdsadasd
    dwasd asdsadasd


  • Alanwalkerplaysf

    But someone from the family is a fortnight kid

  • Sop!

    Once me and mu mum where driving first she saw a fox the we made a turn and nearly got hit go lightning it was an milermiter away from the car (this was at night and in a bushy area)

  • a320family

    Cars and planes are made to be hit by lighting

  • Brian

    Sooo did the car lose all power after the strike or what? I can’t tell, it’s not moving but the break lights aren’t on anymore.