Lightning Strikes a Little Too Close
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, lightning strikes a little too close.

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Also in this video, a man sees what it takes for his wife to be beautiful .A whale inhales the bubbles of a dolphin. A mom saves her child from a falling book. A woman speaks to her family in Spanish. A package is stuck. A man tries to drive a car with the hood up.

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  • DripZ

    Ok but let's just talk about how good this episode was.

    • Eugene

      very good

    • zeka

      @‎ no i’m good

    • zeka

      @Fact and Fun shut

    • Ocean Sky
      Ocean Sky

      absolutely this is getting both favourited and bookmarked. damn, thanks DDOI

    • zeka

      @Fact and Fun shut

  • nisan Sp
    nisan Sp

    0:28 "so this is the power of ultra instinct..."

  • JAKG4

    1:46 holy shit that scream

  • mr penguin
    mr penguin

    0:28 parents just have ultra instinct

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    People think its cute to dig a hole for their pregnant wife, but when I do it for my beer belly I get the look of shame

  • Blocky_Luke

    1:05 thei in spain without the A

  • イチゴ

    "THAT MEANS CAN YOU MAKE ME A SAN-" -famous words by someone before getting obliterated

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Where is the intro

  • gaming at mcdonalds
    gaming at mcdonalds

    I wonder why these people were just... compelled to record even before funny things happen.

  • MarzBarz

    this channel’s comment section always passes the vibe check 😌

  • J33rr


  • GoldenPennyGaming

    1:19 so that's why my stuff is always broken....

  • The Otaku Sh0gun
    The Otaku Sh0gun

    1:54 Plumbers in NY: “Tell em to bring me my money”

  • Mr B
    Mr B

    His pregnant wife was beautiful

  • That Is Tropical
    That Is Tropical

    every time he says its the end of the video :me NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO

  • kenkanadge

    that mom active his ultra instinc to save her son

  • I hate 9yr kids
    I hate 9yr kids

    0:04 That Guy: Hello Guyssssss!Today's weather is very gooood 0:08 That Guy again: Ayo what the f-

  • Sarah Fauzi
    Sarah Fauzi

    Can't help but noticing the praying mantis's head looks like a gazelle.

  • Alex Xela
    Alex Xela

    Let's be honest, we all know a one gray hat fellow who makes fireworks like that. Mostly dragons. (Fool of a Tuk)

  • DoughBlox

    1:32 parents can show that to their kids and say it's santa claus

  • shaiql qastalain
    shaiql qastalain

    go and watch the Singapore vid where lightning struck a multi storey carpark and a car was like 150 m away

  • Xayshalope

    mom of the year

  • egghead Two
    egghead Two

    Where is the intro

    • Sapphire Sparkle
      Sapphire Sparkle

      It’s at 0:00

  • rustyboi

    the firework looks like that one magic weapon in terraria ffs i cant remember what its called edit: its called the nightglow

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    everybody: must been scARY for that guy to actually almost got stroke by lightning malaysia: a normal day, a normal life!

  • Ssj4 Mohamed
    Ssj4 Mohamed

    Ultra instinct mom 😂😂

  • Jw 496
    Jw 496

    Fun fact: your not watching this in full screen

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      1% battery in the bathroom. DDOI is worth it

  • Lisa Gulden
    Lisa Gulden

    Official challenge 12222

  • ExoticJam

    That is one perfectly cut scream if I've ever see one

  • Audrey Halliday
    Audrey Halliday

    1:51 "good soup"

  • Jaudy028

    If your hair goes up (Abducting) Lightning Strikes Within 10 feet

  • Moonsam

    2:12 Example of the perfect man

  • Ranee140

    One time when i was in my kitchen lightning stoke Like 20m away from me in a tree Like 0.06sec

  • ThatOne Canadian
    ThatOne Canadian

    That small package rolling was probably broken into pieces, no wonder.

  • justjumpit3494

    Why did I not hear "LATER" all the way?!

  • Kingfrogguy7474

    The end made me smile

  • razalees ENT.
    razalees ENT.

    Guy in the second clip was laughing so hard because he was like " They really think that is what you look like!" 😂😂 If they only knew the trouble.

  • Michael Palmer
    Michael Palmer

    Why did the praying mantis look so cool?

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee

    1:09 when I play bloxorz on the school computer

  • Cakiedit Or Mushoome Speedrun Submitter Account
    Cakiedit Or Mushoome Speedrun Submitter Account

    That package didn't wanna leave.

  • Yellow_Flash BS
    Yellow_Flash BS

    The toilet rebellion has begun 👁👄👁

  • Yellow_Flash BS
    Yellow_Flash BS

    Ayo why nobody talking about those fireworks , that was sick 😩🤝

  • Vivian Mack
    Vivian Mack

    1% battery in the bathroom. DDOI is worth it

  • BaddaBigBoom

    2.09 (Alan Rickman voice) "Don't that"

  • Jackster

    1:09 why your package is taking so long

  • I. Min Pain
    I. Min Pain

    Isn't a strudel a German... I wanna say weiner (like hot dog weiner) but I feel like that's wrong, it sounds German though!

  • violetic

    1:51 rip to the ones who didnt flush

  • Synx

    She got her sandwich 😂😂😂😭😭

  • Tomasz44

    Man, feeling a bit ill today, I forgot to take my daily dose of internet yesterday.

  • Kal K
    Kal K


  • Lore

    Man that first video was SUPERBAD ;)

  • Βαγγέλης Κουκουτσούδης
    Βαγγέλης Κουκουτσούδης

    2:32 lat-


    1:09 so this is why it takes so long for my pizza rolls from Italy to get here smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • That Random dog who sneezes
    That Random dog who sneezes


  • Koala Bear
    Koala Bear

    And we wonder why stuff we order gets to us broken into a thousand pieces..

  • Entomologist911

    The mantis is a good boy. I miss my ghost mantis, he was so damn cute!

  • Юра Дубнов
    Юра Дубнов


  • Mihály Szepesi
    Mihály Szepesi

    Plot twist: The fireworks coming from a plane.

  • volk

    1:13 so thats why my whitening toothpaste didnt arrive early....

  • Ded Shaytan
    Ded Shaytan

    Аааа, я видел нац. Казахское блюдо В яме запекается желудок с маринованным мясом... Ваааяяяяя вкуснотища будет...


    lighting once crashed right beside my grandma and she didn’t panick

  • Aviation Gamer
    Aviation Gamer

    1:16 oh that’s why it didn’t arrive

  • noodles

    1:10 small packet: *just vibing* big packet: okay Timmy, it's time to get back to work. atleast stop doing that dance of yours infront of eachother *picks up Timmy and leave* timmy: BUT MOM-

  • Tensa Rooseno
    Tensa Rooseno

    Is it just me or the thumbnail look like slimecicle

  • TetraCut

    1:17 then the man got his package after 13 years and it was your a piece of grabage

  • Mr. Aircow
    Mr. Aircow

    Cool mantas

  • Sonon Paul
    Sonon Paul


  • Asian Man
    Asian Man

    imagine those fireworks is just an exploding plane

  • gacha~froppy

    Can u make me a sandwich in-

  • Clerk D-F28 GONZALO, PETER
    Clerk D-F28 GONZALO, PETER

    that whale one is so hilarious

  • AGW creeper head
    AGW creeper head

    1:43 *Fred and gorge*

  • KaZUboY

    1:42 Yoimiya doing a show lol :)

  • Jeremy Arita
    Jeremy Arita

    Next video: Earthquake raw footage

  • Beluga

    This guy needs a Netflix show

  • Edfiki86

    "pregnant partner" Did you take the kool-aid?

  • Mystic_PvPz✔

    1:09 the person who bought that package: 👁👄👁

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    Fun fact: The guy running away from the lightening is actually my old college classmate, Matthew Cipolla. 😁

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    I respect that dude for digging a hole in the sand for his pregnant wife

  • Angel Villeda
    Angel Villeda


  • omgpeachsnapple

    i've seen 0:55 lol

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      2:23 if Megatron had a preying mantis mode.

  • CD FAM
    CD FAM

    UI MOM

  • KoKoNaut

    I like how that buyer ordered ceramic ware and ended up having sand

  • Fire komodo
    Fire komodo

    whats the pry mantises name

  • Ol'Smokey

    I like the "scan your phone " one

  • Purple Pie
    Purple Pie

    The overflowing toilets remind me of the nasty ass scene from Parasite.

  • Hollie Rosewell
    Hollie Rosewell

    Those fireworks are amazing! :○

  • Hollie Rosewell
    Hollie Rosewell

    0:46 is quite literally breathing the same air.

  • Ellie Hanlon
    Ellie Hanlon

    Can I say something that look like my when I slam my door and I’m running

  • Jackson Larkin
    Jackson Larkin

    fun fact: dolphins in captivity are basically being tortured endlessly

  • John Scott
    John Scott

    About a week ago nyc blamed a storm for their public works department causing major property damage

  • Xplodsive

    0:20 she secretly has observation Haki.

  • Yaser Kanaan
    Yaser Kanaan

    Nice mantes

  • Melted

    1:09 imagine the amount of money they had to refund for the damage of the item in that package. “Sorry ma’am your package was cartwheeling on a conveyer belt.”

  • Noth ???
    Noth ???

    thats the coolest praying mantis ive ever seen holy shit--

  • RoughRaiders13

    2:23 if Megatron had a preying mantis mode.

  • Finnick

    the firework thing reminds me of "You're a wizard harry"

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones

    2:18 wtf is that in the bottom right?

  • Ricma

    that mf mantis is hella calm, why does every single sibling of his jump like 3 meters per second and attack the air?

  • Raquel Goncalves
    Raquel Goncalves

    Toilet invasion lol😂

  • MH

    Hey want to see my dog

  • Jacob Moffat
    Jacob Moffat

    What happened to my tea cups:(

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