Hungry Sea Lions Swarm Fishermen’s Nets
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a swarm of sea lions gets into the net and starts eating all the fish caught by these fishermen.

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Also in this video, sea lions eat fish from a net. A kitten spills over a drink. A man is riding a bike with pet parrots. A company made paper from stone. A person helps a gopher dig a hole. A scientist looking at paper under a microscope. A person is pretending to paint a mountain.

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  • Daily Dose Of Internet
    Daily Dose Of Internet

    I had to remove the ferrofluid clip. I'm sorry for the confusion.

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      Kinglol Mon


    • The Cheese Destroyer
      The Cheese Destroyer

      @Bondcoupe 0

    • Bondcoupe

      Lets see how many subs I can get from this comment...

    • I.M. Shirley Rongh
      I.M. Shirley Rongh

      FIbill is ruining everything, I remember how they started, I swear I'm leaving this stupid platform in the next few years. Just gotta wean myself off.

  • MintyFresh

    Fisherman: tirelessly working hard Seals: All You Can Eat BUFFET Fisherman: Enough seals to get us by for the next year.

  • 5G: A mask won't save you.
    5G: A mask won't save you.

    Please, please leave their food sad.

  • sallyfigueroa1

    daily dose of internet:says something captions: it was not coffee.

  • Nikoh

    Well catch them too

  • alberca90

    plot twist: the gopher is actually trying to make a mound of dirt in that spot and is confused as to why it keeps disappearing every time he turns his back on it

  • Pale

    were taking too much from nature. I hope the animals fight back

  • A guy Wearing a tie
    A guy Wearing a tie

    About time the sea lions took back their food. Humans have been stealing it far too long.

  • Exoratus

    1:06 Damn, he looks like a Rick Sanchez with crows from 5 season of Rick and Morty))

  • Alexander Adavar
    Alexander Adavar

    Bet that gopher was so grateful

  • Gui Null
    Gui Null

    why is no one talking about the guy helping him dig a hole that was so nice of him

    • Christine C.
      Christine C.

      You are talking about it. Just do so without saying others aren't.

  • Niz

    Those sea lions freaked me out.

  • Cárdenas Gutiérrez Román
    Cárdenas Gutiérrez Román

    The first clip heard like chewbacca talking

  • Jefferson

    We should stop fishing for five years all over the world.


    That gopher and dude with the shovel were getting it done. Great team work. Shame we all cant work together like that. Was fun to watch. Great video

  • BreEzer

    those are some loyal parrots

  • Elliot Pixel
    Elliot Pixel

    Chewbacca been real quiet since this dropped.

  • mrtiff

    That goat is so cute aw or is it a sheep idk

  • Océaneo 460
    Océaneo 460

    Those people are fishing for money, not to eat. A lot of those creatures would end up back in the ocean, all dead, and some, the ones they kept will end up in the trash.

  • Z E
    Z E

    I feel bad for the FedEx driver

  • Shaye O'Connor
    Shaye O'Connor

    Go sealions, Go!!!!! Get your food, screw the humans

  • Scgamer56 :D
    Scgamer56 :D

    Good on these sea lions. those people are catching all those fish to make chicken feed. Leaving them to starve.

  • Irene Giuliani
    Irene Giuliani

    I mean it's sea lions' food, they can't go to a supermarket to pick something else to eat. They take what's theirs.

  • Stacey Rangel
    Stacey Rangel

    0:58 1:04 1:28

  • B Palmer
    B Palmer

    The sea lions are like,, QUIT taking OUR Food.🐟🐠

  • miscre dente
    miscre dente

    eat the sea lions, problem solved

  • CptSchmidt

    The sad thing is there is a good chance that FedEx guy was fired for leaving the keys in the truck...

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling

    Capture the sea lions

  • Albuggy

    They just takingwhat’s there’s in the first place

  • Nixx

    Human: **Catches fish** sealion: our fish

  • rowan uchiha
    rowan uchiha


  • Burcu the Badass
    Burcu the Badass

    Modern problems require modern solutions

  • Teelaire

    Chuck it = shovel

  • Sushi Midget
    Sushi Midget

    He could've easily gotten into the truck if he didn't give up at the end lol

  • KatsuragiKeima17

    I heard sea lions tastes pretty good

  • KAT vig
    KAT vig

    wow cool cool

  • Jay Birrs
    Jay Birrs

    No one talking about the guy with the parrots!!

  • GetSomeNutsKid

    Shoulda just put Sea Lion on the menu.

  • Pea B
    Pea B

    1:01 made it look so easy

  • Reshirex


  • Wisp_Gaming


  • Henryk Avs
    Henryk Avs

    2:05 that's no shovel, that's tennis ball thrower lol

  • Son Ofshed
    Son Ofshed

    at least the sealions had a good time lol

  • Annoying Danz
    Annoying Danz

    Summon the K.Whale

  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa

    Who is leanord?

  • Luzitanium

    oh no now they gonna start hunting sea lions because of that :(

  • Vika A
    Vika A

    A swarm of sealions swam south for supper

  • BloodGates


  • Sparrow Blue
    Sparrow Blue

    i have one of those stone paper notebooks. its made of limestone and is mostly used by chefs because its grease proof

  • MOLE

    🦭 justice

  • lapissed

    sea lions be like: this is what happens when u try to melt our homes

  • JEZZE4322

    Sea lions with the demon third party

  • rifna

    Yep Humans are way to annoying

  • ᛋᚨᛁᛏᚨᛗᚨ

    “Our fish”

  • Zach Roldan
    Zach Roldan

    Daily dose of aids

  • chunkyboy46

    Dude I'm never eating honey again after I saw that

  • Paul L
    Paul L

    Anyone else thought that the second one was a painting that looked like real life?

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh

    Ayo honey has small diamonds

  • darthfrog56

    i love and i fucking men

  • redsindu

    2:07 that isn't a shovel... it's a ball thrower

  • Ookalar

    Fisherman should have reversed those seals reversal, catch all the seals and eat them instead

  • random random
    random random

    Why did the sea lions sound like a bunch of wookies?

  • y0beans


  • Grantham Trains
    Grantham Trains


  • Chaves films
    Chaves films

    I a,

  • Juan C. Salinas
    Juan C. Salinas

    I wish I could ride around the neighborhood with parrots following me that's the dream that's what life is all about

  • Hannibal

    Animals revolution 2022 , my dogs trying to control my house , they take my wife and maybe after my car and my job , what can i do . Fuck humains

  • rhiannonm

    the seals are taking a stand

  • Mr Freshman
    Mr Freshman

    evolution 🧬

  • Jacob Climent
    Jacob Climent

    i watched more than the recommended amount of internet

  • Da Hu
    Da Hu

    The sea lions had enough of the fishermen stealing their food

  • Smokey Stoner
    Smokey Stoner

    At least the 2 Parrots get to fly and spread their wings and not just sit in a fucking cage their entire life.

  • Madeline Steeves
    Madeline Steeves

    If I would have seen that fed ex shit go down I would have ran to my car picked the guy up and went on a full on chase

  • Svelte Sorces
    Svelte Sorces

    Fishermen: Carrying around Nets with fish Seal lions: “We do a little trolling.”

  • Gagor

    “Seal Team Six get ready to engage.”

  • Nino Simpシ
    Nino Simpシ

    in 0:23 it sounds like minions saying owh owh in the minions movie

  • Knightmare Fuel
    Knightmare Fuel

    Where’s a pod of killer whales when you need em amirite?! 😏

  • Pepijn Arts
    Pepijn Arts

    Should have secretly showed pond water instead of honey lol

  • Melissa Carmack-epling
    Melissa Carmack-epling


  • Krazy Kids
    Krazy Kids

    2:26 Just like my pimples!

  • EL

    Next time I have a game of rock, paper, scissors, I'm pulling out rock paper.

  • Lynne Trathen
    Lynne Trathen

    Lmao 🤣 those poor fishermen 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂

  • Suds

    10-15 of them: *gets stuck in the net* The fishes spirits: 😂🌊😂🌊😂

  • shyloez xd
    shyloez xd

    honey under a microscope just looks like the gold colored version of what you see when you close your eyes and rub them

  • Williany Amill
    Williany Amill

    Be careful letting the parrots fly off!!! An owl took mine!!

  • jake Ryan
    jake Ryan

    True men of the sea would be able to transition to capturing and then selling all the sea lions instead. People gotta eat.

  • Tango the Dragon
    Tango the Dragon

    0:26 I like music

  • MAK Kal
    MAK Kal

    Who leaves the keys inside?

  • Sagebrush Whisperer
    Sagebrush Whisperer

    Too bad they didn’t eat all the fishermen

  • curiouscale

    How many times did I watch that skater's move? A lot. That was slick.

  • Ice Crystalite
    Ice Crystalite

    Into the shovel more like into the tennis thrower

  • Big booty Bitches ,
    Big booty Bitches ,

    I feel bad for the seals that didn't go out hunting with the boys

  • Smiiry

    Look at all those chickens

  • นะโม กรรณ์เผือก
    นะโม กรรณ์เผือก

    Fisher man: Mmm.. *SEA LION*

  • Gerald Huff
    Gerald Huff

    Why does that honey clip remind me of going to the drive in movie theaters? Man i miss when i used to do that. :(

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    There is an obvious solution to the sea lion problem. They are already in the net, so sell them to an exotic meat market.

  • Jesse Klaus
    Jesse Klaus

    The sea givith and the sea takith away

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson

    Should have pulled up the nets and sold the sealions to china as puppy of the sea.

  • Shantex 01 ded
    Shantex 01 ded

    Alex the sea lion what the hell are you doing in my boat

  • KingOrgasmusFragDeineMutter

    that dude paragliding is your typical total egoparaglider. a total dipshit.

    • Daniel Chang
      Daniel Chang