He Didn't Want to Pay the Hospital Bill
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a guy didn't want to pay the hospital bill and ran away.

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Also in this video, a dog has a strange smile. A man falls off a segway. A raccoon escapes from an alligator. A Tesla malfunctions and thinks it is a light. A person throws a bowling ball. A man picks up his cat to eat a bug.

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  • Steven Trainiumm
    Steven Trainiumm

    This vid seemed a bit more personal, I liked it :D

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    • NormalTophat

      very nice

    • qwq -
      qwq -

      Hello you’ve reached the end of the comment section :D

    • Rachel V K
      Rachel V K

      @Giuseppe Pascucci Yes. I agree.

  • Pete Lorenzo
    Pete Lorenzo

    I agree, no cats

    • Finnley & Frankie
      Finnley & Frankie

      Not ur vid dude plus most people enjoy them

  • Stop it
    Stop it

    How bout that dumb ass cat attacking it’s own tail 😳😂👏

  • Miyubi The Sloth
    Miyubi The Sloth

    Oh no hes hurt (a small scratch), get em to the hospital and let em pay $1000 for our service.

  • firefox595

    Seriously "keep" posting cat videos

  • ShillsDon'tSpookMe

    Don't stop showing cat videos! Cats are awesome 😊

  • UnknownKiwi

    More cat videos XD

  • Vincent Rave
    Vincent Rave

    I guess that candy tastes like WD40, considering the condition of the machine.

  • A random hamster in yt
    A random hamster in yt

    Human:uses fly sweater to kill fly (not very effective) Human:uses cat to kill fly (very effective)

  • A random hamster in yt
    A random hamster in yt

    Man:no hospital bills today

  • Lucas Lai
    Lucas Lai

    0:32 i feel bad for him :/

  • yahweh4kids

    NEVER stop doing cat videos

  • Arman YT
    Arman YT

    And this is the reason why you should move to Canada or UK it’s free

  • Ocean Dab_fan
    Ocean Dab_fan

    I fell bad in the guy in ring

  • Noah dog Man OMG
    Noah dog Man OMG

    How does he not get in trouble

  • Raky

    This is serum talking if anybody didnt know….

  • Shadow 133
    Shadow 133

    Fucking cat videos..

  • Bloxy Byron
    Bloxy Byron

    Poor man lost his food

  • z

    0:25 yo does ur dog go hee hee?

  • Vlačko

    Guy not wanting paramedic's help because he dosen't want to pay the hospital bill is the most american ting ever


    I hope they found the idiot who ran away from the ambulance and made him pay for the food he dropped.

  • Prime_Legion

    Haaaaa us us us

  • Democracy is not negociable
    Democracy is not negociable

    Welcome to the land of the "free" *terms and conditions apply*

  • Sebastian Bass
    Sebastian Bass

    That IS the end of this video.

  • Dhaloh

    america is a joke

  • J Dubbs
    J Dubbs

    Can hear the confidence boost in your voice, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing brother.

  • Hooky68

    😂 the cat attacking it’s own tail


    Let's not joke around here, it's genuinely sad to see a person which is injured, choose to run away rather than get immediate treatment because of the god awful payment he'll have to make. God that's so sad.

  • strik3r2000

    Attack on tail.

  • Nero Strat
    Nero Strat

    can i request more hedgehog videos :D

  • Skybe

    Wow lol

  • Benjamin Crew
    Benjamin Crew

    My guess is the guy in the ambulance was on some illegal substance and got his senses back enough to know going in the hospital meant getting found out.

    • Finnley & Frankie
      Finnley & Frankie

      Not everyone is on drugs some of us r just poor

  • JMAS

    ok but why did he have to knock over the tray off that food worker... that was not needed

    • JMAS

      he tried so hard not to pay bills but now he has to pay that food worker

  • Andrew Sneeringer
    Andrew Sneeringer

    I guess during a lunar eclipse Tesla’s can’t move lol

  • King Skully
    King Skully

    To that one dood who hates cats. Meow bish

  • Shia Hulud
    Shia Hulud

    Supposed animals that bite themselves or attack themselves is a sign of mental retardation

  • The Human
    The Human

    America F yeah

  • Tomáš Vlasák
    Tomáš Vlasák

    2:33 mistaken

  • Ronald Tartaglia
    Ronald Tartaglia

    Cats are gay.

  • Ok Butwhy
    Ok Butwhy

    Stop showing cat videos pls

    • Finnley & Frankie
      Finnley & Frankie

      Shut up

  • Peter D
    Peter D

    make an entire "daily dose" video featuring only cats

    • Finnley & Frankie
      Finnley & Frankie

      Yes !

  • Silent Killer
    Silent Killer

    Man that guy saves *money*

  • Ekammeet

    I really like this it passes so much time and I can’t stop watching your vids keep up the good work 😀

    • Ekammeet

      I really like this from the day I stared watching I haven’t stoped comment on this if you like Daily dose of Internet

  • Javier Hawit
    Javier Hawit

    0:26 that looks like Pennywise's dog

  • MintyFresh

    "I found a person who made a realistic Capt. America shield" *And then he didn't*

  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas

    Pls show more animal vids 😂 can you try to do a vid only about animals and them being funny 😁


    Rip :(

  • Blu

    2:35 Like A Boss

  • summer cookie
    summer cookie

    *I hadn't watch the video yet but I know its gonna be Awesome*

  • starsbaes

    more cat videos :3!

  • Wilem35


  • Wolfe 16!
    Wolfe 16!

    2:25 sure it’s not a dog

  • Max Rastov
    Max Rastov

    You don’t need to do all that ;) just give the hospital you middle name and your friends last name )

  • MaskedSniper BG
    MaskedSniper BG

    0:15 that guy dropped his cake because of this man

  • Juney Shu
    Juney Shu

    Great cat videos! Love your channel.

  • Mustavo Gaia
    Mustavo Gaia

    please stop showing videos with cats, animals or people.

  • Michael

    If you can run away from paramedics, you're probably fine.

  • Pratik Vyas
    Pratik Vyas

    @2:30 is just Tokyo Drift behind the scenes clip...... very old

  • Blade Lefusyn
    Blade Lefusyn

    This country is utter shit when it comes to healthcare. I've been hit enough times to become very familiar with it. Same for the doctors and lawyers and insurance companies. All against you and only in it for selfish financial gains.

  • Moe Curls
    Moe Curls

    Thank you for the cat video . Love kittys and mine is sick right 😪

  • Martin A
    Martin A

    The gang of sharks looked so damn badass

  • A K
    A K

    And I was gonna take my Tesla to the moon this weekend, shit still not ready for traveling into space, wtf Tesla

  • BalaSundareshwaran A.
    BalaSundareshwaran A.


  • Rick Keen
    Rick Keen

    Dude, you cannot show ANYMORE funny dog videos!! I absolutely forbid it!!!! :)

  • brmnplayr

    this one is just for you😅 👍

  • James

    The Dog is a Japanese chin

  • SENTINEL2060

    Some of the most random shit that keeps popping up in my feed automatically subscribed.

  • Mattsa

    An ambulance ride can cost you $3000 dollars

  • Emilia.Nilsson132

    Or just come to sweden, where u dont need to pay hospital bill :)

    • Finnley & Frankie
      Finnley & Frankie

      @Ben James dude who taught u that the healthcare ain't as good? And I'd gladly pay an extra 20 bucks a year to get healthcare for free when needed. People like u work against urself constantly grow up

    • Ben James
      Ben James

      High taxes and the healthcare isn't as good though.

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen

    When the Health Care system is so good that the injury heals itself.

  • Mạnh Vũ
    Mạnh Vũ

    anyone knows name of song at 2:30 ? Thank guys

  • aseed

    Ive avoided calling paramedics because of the bill aswell. Unless I'm about to die, Im not going to the hospital

  • Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas


  • I’m Daniel
    I’m Daniel

    Last words I survived the impossible

  • Ilyasa Pandu Tulodo
    Ilyasa Pandu Tulodo


  • raven warrior
    raven warrior

    When u ain't gonna pay medical bill just run away just like run away from your problems


    I feel like its messed up having to pay to save your self

  • Alnahda Kaizoku
    Alnahda Kaizoku

    1:51 everybody gangsta till your shield goes to your angry neighbor house

  • Bennitto C6
    Bennitto C6

    Not american so can’t understand what an hospital bill is……

  • 🖤-A n o n y m o u s-🖤
    🖤-A n o n y m o u s-🖤

    2:30 Pov: Its the four popular girls in school and the rest of the students who are intimated by them

  • Kale Lott
    Kale Lott

    the shield functions as a frisbee so it is likely a very lightweight likely rubber shield with plastic straps for holding

  • Maulen. IDC Florez
    Maulen. IDC Florez

    The fact that someone highly injured would rather run than pay those hospitals bills really summarizes how how "great" American Healthcare is. Edit: I just think our hospitals are too expensive. Honestly our hospitals would be great if they didn't make you pay so much.

    • Maulen. IDC Florez
      Maulen. IDC Florez

      @Ben James I understand where you're coming from but it'd be kind of weird if he wasn't injured and he was on a stretcher.

    • Ben James
      Ben James

      Highly injured lol? Mans running away

  • Kween

    Tesla is useless

  • don't

    As someone who needed first aid back then but didn't get it, it's hard to watch the first clip.

  • SkillTrix

    Show more cat videos :)

  • Azu Nakib
    Azu Nakib

    I love how he says YOOUUuur daily dose of internet

  • Fluffy Seal
    Fluffy Seal

    MURICAA moment right here

  • doggo ;D
    doggo ;D

    This is NOT ur daily dose of internet

  • Amazing

    When you knew you couldn’t make it 0:31 But then you where right 0:32

  • 100% White
    100% White

    How i be with the Joe Biden Shot

  • ziya :D
    ziya :D

    2:30 damn it feels good to be a gangsta

  • Kate Masella
    Kate Masella


  • ꧁nezha the demon starz꧂
    ꧁nezha the demon starz꧂


  • uchiha spongebob
    uchiha spongebob

    Stop showing us insane motorcycles (show us...)

  • Marek Sawicki
    Marek Sawicki

    1:25 bonk!

  • Robash Sandhu
    Robash Sandhu

    THIS is a FIbill channel..not full of silly garbage 🗑..like most. 👍

  • stars 12
    stars 12

    who also wants 2 bite the candy

  • myvxs

    *laughs in european*

    • myvxs

      @Ben James you’re not even from europe, you’re from the UK that’s not even part from europe anymore. like are you dumb? and everyone should know that european isn’t a country🤨. btw the UK is almost like america, so you have no saying on this. at least i live in a rich country were i don’t have to worry about my country being ‘broke’. btw our health insurances are even better then in the UK. go worry about you not having money, thinking you know everything, your covid cases, ambulances being expensive etc.

    • Ben James
      Ben James

      @myvxs My name is Benjamin and my middle name is James, in what world does that signify that i'm not from Europe? What kind of logic did you even use?. I'm from Europe lol. My last name has Z and V and everything and is Hungarian, I live in the UK and was born and lived here my whole life. And no, Covid death rates were MUCH higher in European countries. You say I'm making it sound like Europe is a country when you're the one who started with "laughs in European". So how does that make sense? And yeah you have to pay 2000. Guess what. Get health insurance genius. It's better then waiting for 2 months for a vital scan which could save your life like Europe now. Our medical backlog after Covid is INSANE. People with real bad life threatening illness are actually being left for MONTHS. And it's only getting worse as we don't have any money lol. Also, yes, we don't have the same freedoms at all. I can't even camp in my country, I can't fish where I want, I can't make a fire and eat fish. We even have thousands of people arrested each year for offensive tweets lmao. Our self defence laws are laughable and the judicial system is even worse. and they're even talking about vaccine passports. Yeah, we don't have the same freedoms at all.

    • myvxs

      maybe do some research first before speaking and you’ll know that europe is better then america

    • myvxs

      @Ben James you tryna tell me you’re from europe when you’re named “ben james”… yeah sure keep on dreaming. so you think that people in europe are forced to eat healthy? we don’t have to pay $2000 for an ambulance and the covid cases were higher in america then in europe. you trying to tell me that europeans don’t have any freedom and it’s weird. we also have cultures idk if you ever heard of that because americans clearly don’t. we also know our geography. y’all always think that europe, asia and africa are countries and it’s embarrassing.

    • Ben James
      Ben James

      @myvxs USA has good healthcare, best chances of survival from anything like cancer, and Covid deaths were way higher in Europe and the backlog in Europe now after covid is INSANE Good transportation, cheaper prices, more income, less taxes, bigger houses and a good education system, free speech, more freedoms all around and the USA you can eat what you want, again freedom, not forced to eat healthy because nice foods keep getting taxes higher and higher like everything else. I'm from Europe and you making Europe sound like heaven when it's not. Everywhere has pros and cons.

  • Panda Gal
    Panda Gal

    uh, who asks someone to stop showing cat videos?? what kind of monster-?