He Delivered Some Food and then Kicked It
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, some guy delivers some food and then kicks it as hard as he could.

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Also in this video, people jump a fence to go to a concert. A smart homeless man writes on a window. A dog slips on some snow. Someone messes up a billboard sign. A cat refuses to give up the keys to the house. A video showing the escape plan for an oil rig.

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  • Jazure

    The only person the police stopped was the guy with one leg....poor guy

    • sans

      ✨a b l e i s m✨

    • MaximACE

      I didn't like that. Millions are starving and so we should be thankful and be respectful.

    • Random_raccon

      Poor him man..

    • Cable The Underrated
      Cable The Underrated

      I like how they tried trespassing and ppl are sad because someone got caught.

    • Caitlin Robinson
      Caitlin Robinson

      @Caleb C by he was an ez target and was breaking da law

  • Jacob Phillips
    Jacob Phillips

    The marines need you today💪🏼 go join?!?!?!!!!

  • ItzBobaFilmz

    POV: you marked "yes" under "did you work at UPS?"

  • Good Luck Pilipinas!
    Good Luck Pilipinas!

    That's a fake lizard

  • Mithun Chopda
    Mithun Chopda

    He kicked the food that gives life. He will starve for food one day for the disrespect.

  • RanDomZ ™️
    RanDomZ ™️

    Delivery guy should be a football player! And not you’re American fooseball…

  • BiPi Doomer
    BiPi Doomer

    1:41 polska gurom🇵🇱

  • HaroonPlayz


  • Big floppa
    Big floppa

    Baby: farts FIbill: *(Music)*

  • Mr axolotl
    Mr axolotl


  • Douma

    When you want to be a Pro football player but you became a delivery man instead.

  • bzb rru
    bzb rru

    Stop torturing the baby

  • Mr_ Greenbean
    Mr_ Greenbean

    Bro I feel bad for the food lol

  • BeanTard

    are you homeless? no-

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim

    2:09 Lizard: "That's my brother Luis. That's my cousin Jerry. and thats my--"

  • Justin Marrs
    Justin Marrs

    I mean if that's what the specific instructions say..... I'm punting that shit.

  • Do you like my name
    Do you like my name


  • Ben Barrett
    Ben Barrett

    The homeless dude was defo just in some next level drugs 😭

  • wazowski mike
    wazowski mike

    Is nobody going to talk about the fun way the workers escape the oil rig

  • CJ Jackson
    CJ Jackson

    The police catching that one man is typical for the police, that was sad! I've watched 5 of the Daily Dose Videos this morning, never seen your videos before, and I love them! I'm glad I stumbled across your videos! I'm enjoying them very much! XO

  • ・ヤン・エイドリアン

    0:50 he's plannin on robbing a bank and that is the formula for opening a vault

  • Tomi V
    Tomi V

    1:43 Puszczaj (pushchae)= give it up.

  • Rizzle Nizzle
    Rizzle Nizzle

    Not being funny but why is that woman sat on the cats back trying to get keys out it’s mouth? Dafuk

  • Speqker_

    1:10 why is nobody talking about his robotic leg

  • German Shephard
    German Shephard

    Respect Food🙏

  • Neda Shariff
    Neda Shariff

    The cat is the key

  • Jestem Świrem
    Jestem Świrem

    O kurwa polska XD

  • David

    1:42 poland

  • Oliwierex2442


  • anon anon
    anon anon

    0:52 it's meaningless scratch, dude watched goodwill hunting one too many times


    0:30 :- I am surprised by the fact how a small baby like that is having that amount of gas in him/her............


    2:00 what a fun way to escape death

  • dave m
    dave m

    Wide left that kick was

  • Free

    2:25 I wish someone would give me this look

  • Michelle Vill
    Michelle Vill

    Um, I don't think she should be doing that to the baby. Seems dangerous and stupid.

  • sans

    i know damn well they asked for the uber driver to kick it to try and get him fired or some shot

  • A G Official
    A G Official

    I still can't imagine how those workers got through to the last jigsaw piece of the billboard...

  • Dark Bite
    Dark Bite

    lol the guy with the sign why lie i need beer

  • Small Pigeon
    Small Pigeon

    2:16 i need to know where is it

  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Ochaco Uraraka

    1:46 Were they choking the caty?

    • Vulpi

      I think she wan'ts to open the cats mouth but it really looks scaryyyyy.

  • GameOver

    I get why he kicked the food. Door dash is terrible. I don’t feel bad for the people who had the audacity to place a sticker where to place the food. We live in a controlled world enough. That’s just a normal human venting from too much bull shit. I woulda done the same thing. But now refuse to work for them or use there app. Kick on brother.

  • ok lazy

  • Simple Picasso Gaming
    Simple Picasso Gaming

    what if the exit of the rig catches fire first


    01:51 Plot twist: The oil company removed the escape system because it was too fun -- the workers kept setting the platform on fire whenever they got bored.

  • Sherry

    Good job doggos!

  • darth revan
    darth revan

    0:43 that guy is Grigori Perelman solving the Pointcare's conjecture.

  • Aaron HUH
    Aaron HUH

    R u homeless

  • Dmitriy Kanunnikov
    Dmitriy Kanunnikov

    1:42 - puszczaj! Pozdrawiam! Cheers! 😉

  • fidie

    That Cruel Mom

  • Tyler Anthony
    Tyler Anthony

    Me thinking this was posted by DoorDash because of the logo

  • Lasse Holm
    Lasse Holm

    they really stopped the one guy with one leg like bruh

  • D C
    D C

    They actually ended up letting the kid go in and enjoy the concert. Just an FYI for anyone who wanted to know the outcome

    • The Journey is a Journey
      The Journey is a Journey

      He's a kid?

    • Aero


  • Ph Le
    Ph Le

    That guy can play professional soccer team.

  • Armored Fn
    Armored Fn

    Probably you trying yo figure out when the next war is.

  • Benny Lo
    Benny Lo

    Anyone else find his voice soothing?

  • Clarence Smith
    Clarence Smith

    Homeless man obviously from the future and is trying to fix his flux capacitor so he get back home and tell his people just to let them blow each other up in ww3

  • Eugenio Vasquez
    Eugenio Vasquez

    i feel for the elder figuring out equations to make life pass by faster i believe its complex but nonetheless it is just a man attempting to get out of the situation of not having his own shelter or personal space

  • Arun Pm
    Arun Pm

    The homeless man will be Einstein if given opportunity

    • Donidarko

      Maybe he is EINSTEIN!

  • Wilde one
    Wilde one

    that homeless guy is a time traveler trying to figure out how to get out of 2020/2021

  • Time_TheLynx


  • Sergio

    U expect me to swim after ragdolling around jesus

  • Gerardo Arias
    Gerardo Arias

    A like for the dog videos ❤

  • caitlin

    ngl that was a pretty soild kick.

  • fw fw
    fw fw

    The acrid produce phytogeographically fear because queen specifically drown apud a flawless text. piquant, actually land

  • Lola Baboy
    Lola Baboy

    1:42 pustaj


    The guy with the one leg 🤣

  • Riskrunner with an ornament
    Riskrunner with an ornament

    that homeless guy is building a time machine!

  • Impdor


    • Impdor


  • Arma-Joan gaming
    Arma-Joan gaming

    okay umm what is he doing though?

  • Wing Jun Willis Tang
    Wing Jun Willis Tang

    ok but why kick the food

  • Tony Silva
    Tony Silva

    Advanced math? Yeah okay.

    • Tony Silva
      Tony Silva

      @bippywippy VEVO tell you what? 😂

    • bippywippy VEVO
      bippywippy VEVO

      @Tony Silva Tell me.

    • Tony Silva
      Tony Silva

      @bippywippy VEVO Now I have to tell you what you said. Keep digging your troll hole.

    • bippywippy VEVO
      bippywippy VEVO

      @Tony Silva Tell me EXACTLY what I said.

    • Tony Silva
      Tony Silva

      @bippywippy VEVO You’ve said absolutely nothing really. Wasting your life trying to validate your delusions is what you’re doing. Which are built on the delusions of some crazy dude scribbling on the street. You feel good about yourself? Did you want to talk about some actual math or physics? We could actually make this a productive discussion.

  • lightscale

    0:17 my room when I put recycle bin in recycle bin.

  • Mono Sapiens
    Mono Sapiens

    *1:42* Heeyyyy, this is a Poland Guys, it's time to take over a comment section

  • Maciej Kowalczyk
    Maciej Kowalczyk

    Polish Cat

  • Duval Jones
    Duval Jones

    Omfg i had a similar daydream the other day about ordering a football or something and having the delivery person kick it over the fence. Extra points for doing it with food LOLLLLLLLLLL

  • Mustafa Personal
    Mustafa Personal

    2:28 niga-

  • Wodogrzmot


  • H.R. HufnStuf
    H.R. HufnStuf

    love how the delivery dude walked off all guilty

  • Mr.Mystery

    That lizard is using tinder

  • Steven

    That’s one gassy baby

  • BadWeatherGaming

    Ok, if im the cop and that many people already got by me... im letting the dude with the leg go. Like man I couldn't stop all those people... this isn't looking good for me anyways go ahead

  • 11 1
    11 1

    0:52 that looks like the golden ration aka fibonacci sequence. really hard to tell but imo this man is a god. its no coincidence that its a copper colored Indian. its not non sence nor is it "math" it actually has to do alot with metaphysics. he has the knowledge of self, and soon all of us will be writing this. its no joke when i say this. rise of nubian man and women. its over my people. the illusion of life and society. its time to return to our original godhood state.

    • 11 1
      11 1

      @bippywippy VEVO no you couldn't understand it because you couldn't understand it. no need to lie brother. its fine if you don't understand somethings, just like uhh for example the whole grammar and punctuation thingy i don't get it. i get the basics but uh for the most part ill stick with my own language. if i wanted to act proper i would just use grammarly or something like that. if you can't even read my paragraph without basic comprehension you must be slow or something. for the most part you knew exactly what i was saying, it wasn't my grammar that threw you off. it was the fact that you don't have the experience i have. everything that you were told was just someone else's ideas. I've seen with my own two eyes the reality of it. its all just tokenism. governments are just distractions and your whole education system is flawed, and been proven time and time again that you don't really need it. you just need a strong and independent brain with a little bit of ambition to succeed in life. whatever your meaning of success is.

    • bippywippy VEVO
      bippywippy VEVO

      @11 1 I know what the Fibonacci sequence is, dude. It’s just that I couldn’t understand what your were saying with all the poor grammar and weird punctuation.

    • 11 1
      11 1

      ​@bippywippy VEVO wasn't for you then. just live your life, also if you want look up fibonacci sequence.

    • bippywippy VEVO
      bippywippy VEVO

      I have literally no clue what you were trying to say here.

  • Summit69

    the cat didnt want the owner to leave

  • i8ursnacks

    i swear the drone at the end looks like a minecraft axolotl

  • Sebastian

    Why did he kick the food? Chill ya beans dude

    • dustinn

      i think he wanted to do it because of evil alien forces brainwashing his mind. the video definitely says nothing about his special delivery note saying for him to “kick the bag as hard as he could.”

  • Kieran Lee
    Kieran Lee

    1:52 the enclave wants to know your location.

  • Maxthegladiator5

    "Are you homeless?" "N-

  • lun moon
    lun moon

    me scrolling through pics of boys 2:04

  • Iam_aHumaNs

    That lizard must be getting to *that* age

  • Sucrose

    Anybody know the drone model in the last clip?

  • scott behofsits
    scott behofsits


  • Harshit Raj
    Harshit Raj

    1:47 doesn't look right

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Gonna admit, oil rig escape chute, I thought at first it was all CGI.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    1:55 what would happen if it breaks, especially during an overload or catching fire, and you will become like a fish in a net?

  • B3astX

    1:55 IT looks fun

  • Rainy Days:)
    Rainy Days:)

    0:49 Someone hire this man. Please.

  • ahmad shahma
    ahmad shahma

    AYE!!!!!!............MY SAMSUNG PHONE!

  • ahmad shahma
    ahmad shahma


  • Ancient Monkey
    Ancient Monkey

    1:38 person: I need my keys Cat: A-10 Warthog noises

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra

    Oil rig - *catches fire* Workers - " why run when you can ride... "