Dramatic Snake "Dies" After Being Touched
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dramatic snake plays dead.

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Also in this video, someone has a rare eye condition. A dog runs into a fence. A cat falls off a shelf. A cat has their tongue stuck to a blanket. A person rides a scooter up a stair railing. I touch a bee while it is pollinating.

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  • Tillson

    "A piece of her eye broke off" He says in a totally calm and collected voice as if that's just something that just happens

    • EpicNefortunes


    • Ion


    • Danny

      So like could she see out if the floater

    • Michael Johansen
      Michael Johansen

      maaan i read this comment before the video! So I was sitting here scared out of my mind waiting for some brutal accident......

    • Mikail Agarwalla
      Mikail Agarwalla

      ayo dat happens on de daily watchy talking about

  • Natasha Neville
    Natasha Neville

    I’ve held a bee once which is really cool and I didn’t get stung.

  • Smiley.

    Man: *touches snake* Snake: I can see a light..

  • Sridhar Bamandlapally
    Sridhar Bamandlapally

    It hits different when u see creatures who have problems being happy

  • Aesthetic Honey
    Aesthetic Honey

    0:04 2:32 1:03 aww..

  • Ed Fitzgerald
    Ed Fitzgerald

    Not that Mazda sounding like a hellcat (0:03)

  • lesgoo

    My man's so famous got a scientist messaging him 😂 2:00

  • Gin356a

    0:59 Nah thats just her awakening her Sharingan for the first time

  • Gina Rico
    Gina Rico

    can you tell me whats going on here? 1.- The snake its an professional soccer player wannabe 2.- The snake is the rencarnation of an soccer player 3.- Soccer players are this snake wannabes

  • BaTTaN ouch OuCH
    BaTTaN ouch OuCH

    0:38 lmao I could tell this dog was dumb by the look on its face but I had no idea

  • Marco LoPorcaro
    Marco LoPorcaro

    I saw a bunch of baby jellyfish that had bioluminescence in an aquarium. Probably one of if not the best thing there.

  • Kristofer JAKISTAM
    Kristofer JAKISTAM

    2:06 it is bumblebee not a bee. Thx for movie. As always watched from start to end :)

  • Adem Ot
    Adem Ot

    0:25 Latom

  • cat


  • kw132275 kw132275
    kw132275 kw132275

    that floating iris is a 1 tomoe sharingan. it is rare but the eye will eventually turn red

  • Pro Tower
    Pro Tower

    People who see the video before daily dose of internet post: Im 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • Freaky Snuke
    Freaky Snuke

    0:25 Shit's on fire 🔥

  • Fankin


  • Adameld619

    That parachute guy is one TINY mistake from loss of all motor skills.

  • The Grunge Monkeys
    The Grunge Monkeys

    i remember as a kid i use to play with bees all the time lol

  • J M
    J M

    the scooter guy should of turned around after going up the rail an gone down it then it would been really cool.

  • VOLTRON AKA Albert
    VOLTRON AKA Albert

    At 0:39 lol dog runs into Fence

  • Pei Tang
    Pei Tang

    I got stung by a bee today

  • TheHmmer

    0:15 clearly just in reverse

    • Interdimensional Employee
      Interdimensional Employee

      Clearly you dont own an airfryer

  • DarkyELLIOT

    *free floating iris* Me who has a friend that has that but its stationary and blue:

  • -xXMochiXx-


  • KingofPepsi

    And the Oscar goes to... THE SNAKE!!!

  • Mehukatti

    The dramatic snake is my fav snake

  • Amanda C
    Amanda C

    The iris is round but I found myself waiting for that dot to hit a corner like the damn DVD player logo

  • WhoA

    when i touch the snake *touch* me : dead

  • iPanda13x

    What I want to know is why you’re showing a snake that is feels stressed/threatened to the point of playing dead.. I know it’s not your snake but why show a snake that is being miss treated.. hognose snakes did this as a last resort if they feel like they want the predator to leave them alone. Please remove this clip. It’s upsetting to see as an owner of a snakes. Also they are not harmless just not an aggressive snakes.

  • Puizzoi

    I’m not the only one who wants to join them, right? 2:28

  • I am exist
    I am exist

    The dogs are getting stronger and they will soon be our supreme leaders

  • Kolljak

    the new york sewer was just the cleaning crew. the use a flamethrower to be very thorough they didn't want another ninja turtle accident on their hands.

  • AceyxVibez。


  • Uncle Anaesthesia
    Uncle Anaesthesia

    Why did I hear the sound of Flanders fainting when the snake did? OoooOOO~hhhHHHhhh!

  • neob gameing
    neob gameing


  • Popsicle T
    Popsicle T

    The best time to touch a bee is when it’s dead but floofy

  • homework

    1:35 poor doggo :(

  • Boomblabla poof poof
    Boomblabla poof poof

    Holy shit 2:24 gave me so much anxiety

  • Jenny Casakadosh
    Jenny Casakadosh

    i like how you dont mind anything that could come out new , by now , we are alike my friend

  • Masked 000fps
    Masked 000fps

    2:06 well yea you only tuch them i catured them at age of 4 and scared the shit of everyone

  • ZR71 Media
    ZR71 Media

    New York sewer on fire 🔥 Me: Hmm, I think I’ll have something spicy from Taco Bell today.

  • Jerome

    You taking a shit when the toilet disappears and you get hit with the *water jets*

  • 𝙹𝚎𝚗𝚗s' 𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚜𝚎  ;-;
    𝙹𝚎𝚗𝚗s' 𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚜𝚎 ;-;

    anyone please give the snake an oscar

  • quinn Hill
    quinn Hill

    do face reveal copy and paste if you want it to happen to

  • DestinoFinalForever

    Hognose Snakes can perfectly imitate Neymar's dramatic behavior.

  • Mako Akoso
    Mako Akoso

    once a bumble bee climbed up onto my hand and i pet it

  • Elisa Gatto Vale
    Elisa Gatto Vale

    poor snake

  • k3d4r

    socccer players be like:

  • Izzy Andrews
    Izzy Andrews

    I've got a video of me touching a bee, too!!!

  • Jk 1997
    Jk 1997

    What ! That snake is so cute 🥺

  • Dekiru


  • Hamlet's Dad
    Hamlet's Dad

    1:59 I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine

  • Some Random Cat On The Internet
    Some Random Cat On The Internet

    0:03 - 0:15 Me After Being Slightly Punched Playfully By My Classmate

  • AgentAppleSouce & RTMP
    AgentAppleSouce & RTMP

    Is it wrong I want one

  • Okotin

    That snake looks like a football player.

  • Eleos

    give that snake an oscar

  • • Sour •
    • Sour •

    1:35 That’s not a dog that’s a dg But good for her/him 👌 he/she looks happy

  • Spartan War118
    Spartan War118

    Ngl aside from the danger hazard, that burning sewer looks absolutely wicked sick Lol

  • Rising Star
    Rising Star

    The snake first idea: crap. Uh uh, AM DEAD. *bleh*

  • Shoko

    wtf your eyes can break off?

  • salomon1080

    0:33 You can tell by his reluctance he is already aware she is terrible at this game lol

  • Zippy’s World
    Zippy’s World

    Best 2 minutes of my life

  • Ross Albert Dela Cruz
    Ross Albert Dela Cruz

    1:36 Pug'maw

  • 《•FøxyFøx Lånd•》
    《•FøxyFøx Lånd•》

    I luv the snake 1 lol

  • Max

    Jesus, that dog is more capable than I will ever be.

  • Debra Westbrook
    Debra Westbrook


  • Whitty Gaming
    Whitty Gaming

    its playing dead


    There is no amount of money in the world that would make me do the thing on 2:18

  • A random damn channel
    A random damn channel

    0:15 back to the future vibes

  • #I’mepic

    I once touch a bee, they are so soft! It looked very sick so my and my friends get some flowers for it to pollinate and it was super cool! I moved slow and didn’t really care if we touched it.

  • gojirashea 2020
    gojirashea 2020

    is no one talking how the front legs of the dog looks buff? i guess they need to be since it has its back legs amputated.

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim

    Can anyone just acknowledge the fact of how strong that dog was, imagine walking with just your arms and while carrying their whole back


    0:28, that was all the "natural gas" out of the sewer igniting

  • Mister Incognito
    Mister Incognito

    Bro, I was on vacation in Curaçao this summer, and the wind was kinda odd one day, we jumped in the ocean and next thing you know, we were swimming between millions and Millions of baby jellyfish. They still sting, it’s like swimming trough needles. It wasn’t pleasant.

  • Paayal Sharma
    Paayal Sharma

    if karen were a snake-

  • Genji from overwatch
    Genji from overwatch

    Won’t u get sting when the bee is working

  • Intinight gaming
    Intinight gaming

    Everyone gangster until your bumper falls off

  • Steve Plasma
    Steve Plasma

    0:30, someone found Pennywise and try to explode the sewer

  • IM A bean
    IM A bean

    Am I a bad person for kinda hoping daily dose got stung by the bee and he just went "aaaaaaa ow oh oof that hurt aaaaaaaa" in a calm and collected voice?

  • Human

    that snake is why I have an obsession

  • Asami ✨🍻
    Asami ✨🍻

    "they are too buzzy to care"

  • Bio Hazaard
    Bio Hazaard

    obanai wtf are you doing

  • Joekool007

    0:54 She’s Affected With SCP-125 Soon It Will Multiple And It Will Multiple So Much That It Will Cover The Entire Eye In Back And Your Unable To See

  • Jayden Gacha
    Jayden Gacha

    0:05 bruh

  • Martina Vazquez ~
    Martina Vazquez ~

    TMNTs i think your pizza is burning !

  • Faryal Adnan
    Faryal Adnan

    Honestly , he is whole mood

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae

    Lol at least the snake isnt sassy like Pissy from exotics lair

  • wither Gamer
    wither Gamer

    Snake after being touched : HAH Whos venomess sssssnow!!.

  • Selina_loves_makeup

    I love that snake voice over video

  • Cody Erickson
    Cody Erickson

    Fun Fact: Hognose Snakes are actually venomous. However, they’re are rear fanged as opposed to front fanged, meaning it’s quite a bit harder for them to inject their venom. But even if they do inject, you’re going to be fine. Because their venom is only about as toxic as a bee sting.

    • Ross Albert Dela Cruz
      Ross Albert Dela Cruz

      So, nearly harmless

  • Foxy The Pirate
    Foxy The Pirate

    The two leg dog decided to become ostrich

  • Torvo14

    This snake who watches romantic comedy

  • Rugved Khubalkar
    Rugved Khubalkar

    How does that dog balance it self

  • Kay Lou
    Kay Lou

    Sewer on fire: There's always some idiot that has to scream!

  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann

    Who hasn’t touched a bee while they’re on a flower?

  • Techno Echo
    Techno Echo

    The snake wasnt playing dead, he was just on 1 hp

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson

    The baby jellyfishes were actually really cute

  • 𝚂𝚒𝚍𝚛𝚊¹

    Me when my brother breathes next to my mouth 0:07🤠🖕✨