Bird Shows Up at the Worst Time
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a seagull runs into a teen while on a slingshot ride.

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Cat Walk:


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  • Mr. Facts
    Mr. Facts

    That Bonsai tree forest is amazing

    • Ruvvy

      It’s like a mini world

    • Leo_Senpai

      I agree

    • TwinTrouble

      @Fact and Fun bro some ppl's jokes are so bad, but these ones are actually good

    • I'mJustCommenting

      And that's a fact.

    • skittleluga

      yes it’s so sick

  • StickySauce101

    1:25 - UK pre-Brexit / lockdown ... 1:33 - current UK

  • Redhayden07

    That dog was just there.... Clappin some cheeks.....

  • Kirsty and brownie ♥️
    Kirsty and brownie ♥️

    worst kid how could you even do a cute bird it's will die because she don't know how to grab cute anymore

  • TicMan 13
    TicMan 13

    Seagull just wanted to give her a hug...... :(

  • lars pe
    lars pe

    Boy I really do not like videos of fish doing strange stuff, etc. being put in tiny tanks. They do it because of the way they are kept, which sucks hard

  • samu 115
    samu 115


  • Taya Anicho
    Taya Anicho

    The seagle ligit be like "Whose horse is that?"

  • Ruby Roo
    Ruby Roo

    poor seagull

  • Nolife

    1:34 omg this always happens XD

  • dorkface64

    The bird just wanted to chill man 😔

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones

    That girl is cruel. That seagull was only giving her a hug.

  • TayTheSharkie

    1:47 reminds me of the end music in DHMIS :0

  • Raul Chavez
    Raul Chavez

    Beautiful bunziie Forrest yall


    Bird: did someone order fresh chicken? 🤣

  • Idontknow whatimdoing
    Idontknow whatimdoing

    Did that fish just kill itself?

  • YetnoLif3

    put ur hand nere it 2:06

  • EradicateF8

    literally did not get smacked directly at the face. get your facts right !

  • Jayrec12

    I would’ve held onto the bird and we would both scream into the sunset~

  • Peacock Feathers
    Peacock Feathers

    Put that poor damned cat down instead of making it suffer just so u can feel good about yourself.

  • Super 1 up dude✔
    Super 1 up dude✔

    I love how she just never mentioned the bird and kept screaming

  • Juney Shu
    Juney Shu

    Eoes whatever a spidercat does!

  • Bob Ross fan
    Bob Ross fan

    1:25 like they always say “Never judge a book by its cover.”

  • it just wants a hug 0:12

  • Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
    Mikhail Dustin Elpedes

    1:10 Man that looks like when your walking while having twisted ankles

  • Meester Dinglefritz
    Meester Dinglefritz

    The bonsai tree forest is awesome!

  • RamjetX

    Pro tip.... after finding someone floating dead in a river and calling the cops.... According to the police, jumping into muddy waters kills more people than you'd realise when they hit the bottom, get their feet stuck in the mud at the bottom. Only to resurface days later when they'd drowned. Never jump into muddy water or into rivers with a mud base...

  • Identity Playz
    Identity Playz

    I swear that sounds like under-tale music

  • Aadil Farhan
    Aadil Farhan

    imagine the cat running at you with full speed at night and u came for a sleepover

  • Bright Cloud
    Bright Cloud

    i hope the bird is ok

  • PixelatedBlossoms

    These are so cool!

  • Banjie The Grape
    Banjie The Grape

    That cat with the long legs looks both cute and terrifying

  • EDGE


  • Benlove2563

    Imagine your just doing something outside and the police just show up

  • Anon Nobody
    Anon Nobody

    did that fish commit sucide?

  • TproTheBeast _
    TproTheBeast _

    Netflix at 3:00AM: "Are you still watching?" Someone's daughter: 2:54

  • James Cannon
    James Cannon

    0:55 lol

  • SleepyDog

    One of the best

  • Divya Ganesh
    Divya Ganesh

    That was not the worst that could happen . The seagull could've just gone into the girls mouth , when she was screaming

  • KimAdelie

    Seagull minding his business 👁👄👁

  • LadyRainWing

    Man: aww, my trousers are dirty Also man: disappears into a swamp soaking his whole attire

  • Bedant Basnet
    Bedant Basnet

    The only FIbillr who does not clickbait props to u man

  • MetelHatter

    that car ate a man for breakfast

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    01:54 this needs to be a fnf mod

  • SJ

    "A seagull smacked this girl in the face" I don't know why that made laugh so hard

  • Mariana Jimenez
    Mariana Jimenez

    That guy is just casually watering his plants while there’s a crime right in front of his house.

  • eyeslow — MCCCXII
    eyeslow — MCCCXII

    It didn’t just put one smile on my face, but many lol

  • TrES-2b

    0:32 *Tanner be like:*

  • Someone Insane
    Someone Insane

    1:03 he looks scary in a dream

  • frisby 89
    frisby 89

    anyone know the songs from the electric arc music

  • Thanujan15 xD
    Thanujan15 xD

    bruh they got a whole demon they livin with

  • Manuel Gronewold
    Manuel Gronewold

    The Clip that starts 1:30 is Comedy Gold . LOL

  • 1119jk

    The girl was like: GET OUT U MADE ME MORE TERRIFIED-*yeets bird*

  • Phil My Beloved
    Phil My Beloved

    "are you still watching?" someone's daughter: 2:57

  • Chypre Dust
    Chypre Dust

    1:24 He should of used Cryonis lol

  • ClamCheatRacing

    Is the cat ok he got smacked with a water bottle

  • 𝓡𝓸𝔂𝓪𝓵𝔃𝔃𝔃𝓻𝓸𝔂

    Aww that cat is so cute and I feel bad for him

  • Mayur Dhamale
    Mayur Dhamale

    I felt bad for the seagull

  • Roblx_Yt


  • Gravity Gold
    Gravity Gold

    Dude, he played that song lightning fast... I'm sorry...

  • skyloski

    imagine one day you’re just fixing something on your house but then the fbi shows up chasing some criminals

  • The Dog
    The Dog

    1:47 thats real EDM

  • Sara Adnan
    Sara Adnan

    I feel so bad for the bird 🥲😃

  • Anders Jansson
    Anders Jansson


  • Sophie Lindbæk Smedsvig
    Sophie Lindbæk Smedsvig

    My trousers Are getting duurtyy

  • slay purrr
    slay purrr

    How did the fish jump so high

  • I watched this
    I watched this

    That's the funniest thing I've ever seen! :DDDDDDDD

  • TheBeen

    0:14 you’re in the way!!!

  • CooledPlains504

    Everything’s normal till the arc starts playing rush E

  • bitch boy
    bitch boy

    Don’t mind him; that’s just Steven

  • KKM_YT ✨⭐
    KKM_YT ✨⭐

    1:23 this made my entire family laugh

  • Aaila’s drawing channel 📝
    Aaila’s drawing channel 📝

    Why This cat called sunrise walks like this? Oh it’s because i brought her from wish😄

  • tanu dutta
    tanu dutta

    1:50 copy right warning 😂😂😂

  • x.Mono.x

    1:21 yo that fish probably watched finding Nemo


    This guy when the teacher asks : what kind of music do you play? 1:43 .. its complicated

  • Iguardwisconsin berry
    Iguardwisconsin berry

    That was the grudge cat

  • Rozie Rozie.
    Rozie Rozie.

    The girls:I’m ready The ride starts. The sea gal:I wanna join too :) The girl:yeet the sea gal outta here

  • [RmUs] jerry berry 2
    [RmUs] jerry berry 2

    0:12 i like how the girl just grabbed the bird and flung it away like nothing 😂

  • PaRaFa

    1:54 intro in 2010

  • Aryan Agrawal
    Aryan Agrawal

    This is *MY* daily dose of Internet

  • Some Gem
    Some Gem

    1:33 That's the closest form of a Real Life cartoon.

  • Rayhan Mahaldy
    Rayhan Mahaldy

    Seaguls : "i want a booba : O"


    0:13 *hug*

  • Yo Fish
    Yo Fish

    When she says it is her first time: 1:29

  • regret

    the ride they were on is the slingshot located in new jersey wild wood moreys piers

  • Cristobal Pinto Cruz
    Cristobal Pinto Cruz

    A human shows up at the worst time*** xd

  • Princesses studio
    Princesses studio

    Save. The. Cat

  • Ghoste

    i would hug the bird instead of throwing it out, cute birdie


    the way she grabbed it lmao i would have just fainted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • dina rai
    dina rai

    poor bird she throwed that poor birdy waaaaaaa if i was there i ould catch her n make my pet

  • Tf2 medic
    Tf2 medic

    That bird was aiming for the chest if you know what I mean

  • Gert Huus
    Gert Huus

    1:52 that is not even cool

  • Julius Escobar
    Julius Escobar

    The *bird* just wants a hug, yet can't get one.

  • Remmy

    why is nobody talking abt how she yeets the bird

  • Modeus

    lol the girls at the beginning screams sound like seagulls

  • Ya _boy _patrick
    Ya _boy _patrick

    Cheese do

  • Noah Sh
    Noah Sh


  • Maximino Tovar
    Maximino Tovar

    Seagull: "Free hugs today"

  • Flora Tierney
    Flora Tierney

    Actually, if you look closely when she throws the bird away, it isn't actually a seagull because it had a black head


    when i saw the first clip i knew it was going to be a good video!!!!!!